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Owls - Predators of the Night

Enter the mystical world of owls. Discover how these raptors use unique behaviors and adaptations to rule the night. Meet some of the night fliers native to Illinois, while experiencing the myths, legends, and folklore surrounding owls.

Owl Pellet Dissection

What are owl pellets? What can we learn about these fascinating creatures from dissecting owl pellets? Meet the owls who produce these pellets up close. This is a hands-on activity for small groups.

Chicago Area Raptors

Discover the hawks, owls, and falcons of your backyard and beyond! Learn how they live and hunt among us. This program was designed for festivals and businesses. If you enjoy watching raptors in the field, here is your chance to see these beautiful birds up close. We offer a unique opportunity for your visitors to see and learn about the local raptors. During a three-hour session, raptor center staff will provide three 20-minute introductory presentations. These presentations will give an overview of The Northern Illinois Raptor Center, as well as natural history of the raptors which are on display. The handlers will be available between presentations to answer questions.

Handler Internship


Interested in becoming a raptor handler or educator? Over the course of the internship, interns will attend classroom lectures and put that knowledge into practice with plenty of hands-on experience. Subjects include husbandry, handling, housing, natural history, equipment, and more.


Northern Illinois Raptor Center


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