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Sharing "how we do things around here"

A Meeting of Minds. A no obligation complementary meeting at your premises to talk about the challenges you face and how you overcome them or not as the case may be

Best Year Yet® Preview

Identifying 3 to 5 of your most significant areas which would give your best year and preview Best Year Yet® and "PRO"

Individual Results 1 on 1 Workshop

This is the intensive workshop in which we will dig deep and uncover the underlying reasons why you succeed and deliver exceptional results at times, but not always. We will build a detailed understanding of all of your roles, goals and drivers that will give you exceptional results and return on your investment over the next twelve months.

Priced as the initial of your package set up fee

Monthly Results Review

In this session we will look at your achievements and what you learn from them and also your disappointments and what can be learned from them. Working with an experienced results coach you will learn the power of accountability and how to use the developmental resources within PRO and the motivational audio from the creator of Best Year Yet® methodology.

Priced as part of your package

Weekly 30 minute Telephone Support Call

A weekly 30 minute telephone/Skype support call to assist you keep momentum with accountability at times of significant change.

Included in Premium programme or in blocks of 6 sessions to be used in 4 calendar months.


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