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30 Minute Standard Rate Massage


This 30 Minute "Work Out" is an abbreviated whole body massage OR focused time spent on specific areas to help with pain and stress relief, this rate is for return clients who are not members of our Wellness Club.

45 Minute Standard Massage


45 minute standard massage

60 Minute Hot Stone Massage


60-Minute Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage with our hot stone specialist, Joy Manning

60 Minute Lymph Drainage Massage


Lymphatic Drainage Massage focusing on recirculating lymph fluid through the body and is especially effective for relieving excessive swelling (edema) due to health conditions, surgery or injury

60 Minute Standard Rate Massage


60 Minute Therapeutic Massage designed specifically for your needs.Your massage therapist will develop a massage to suit your desired treatment goals.Modalities may include Swedish, deep tissue, orthopedic massage, neuromuscular massage therapy, sports therapy, myofascial massage, myoskeletal realignment, Swe-Thai Massage, trigger point therapy, gentle stretching, side-lying massage, focus-specific massage, or any combination of these.It’s all about what your Aiken body needs!

90 Minute Lymph Drainage Massage


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is a specialized, focusing on recirculating lymph fluid through the body and is especially effective for relieving excessive swelling due to edema, health conditions, surgery or injury.

90 Minute Standard Hot Stone Massage


Hot StoneTherapy – A great, relaxing massage wrapped in the warm, buttery goodness of hot stones. The heat from the stones not only provides relaxation and relief for sore muscles and arthritis, but is the perfect backdrop to a great restorative massage. 60 or 90 minutes, your choice!

90 Minute Standard Rate Massage


90 Minute Restorative Massage – When you need a more time … 90 Minutes provides more time for those who need a little extra help in sinking into that sweet relaxation or for those who like more body therapy while also receiving aextra attention to their specific areas of need.

Marble Cold Stone Sinus Therapy


Don’t let allergies put you under the weather!Just 20 minutes of marble cold stones around sinus points, plus neck and facial massage with essential oils and herbal tinctures will help to reduce inflammation, help relieve headaches, help clear sinus congestion

Swe-Thai Massage 90 Minute


Swe-Thai Massage blends Ancient blend of Oriental healing techniques and blends with Western techniques that blend with yoga stretching, all atop the massage table.


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