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Automotive Repair
12 Services

Tire Rotation


Rotating tires

Brake Service


Brake service is charged based on a hourly rate.

Car Wash


Basic car wash & tire shine

Car Detail


Full detail. Wash, wax, vacuum of interior, armor all of interior, Windows cleaned in the inside.

Garage Rate


Garage Rate is an hourly charge and used for items such as replacing am alternator, replacing a starter, etc...

Transmission service


Transmission service is charged on an hourly rate and does not include the price of filter, gasket, transmission fluid.

Tire Mounting & Balancing


cost is per tire for mounting and balancing

Basic Bay Rental


bay, jack, jack stands, work bench, vice, repair manuals

B+1 Bay Rental


same as basic but includes hand tools. Wrenches, sockets, pry bar

B+2 Bay rental


(same as above but includes air tools and air compressor

B+3 Bay Rental


full access to shop

Tune Up


Bicycle Repair
3 Services

Bicycle Wash


Breaking bike down to frame, washing, degreasing, and oiling chainsets, gear sets, brake cables, seat post, etc...

Bicycle flat repair


installing patch over current hole, clamping of patch to provide a good seal and reinstalling of inner tube onto bicycle



make sure that front and rear derailers are aligned and not rubbing chain, front wheel is straight


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