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Milk Bath Boudoir Portrait Consultation

Interested in milk bath boudoir photography? You probably have questions . I have answers! Use this option to chat about what to wear, makeup, styles for your photo shoot, your vision, pricing and anything else that's on your mind as you look into milk bath boudoir.

Milk Bath Maternity Portrait Consultation

These are photos you'll always treasure. Unique milk bath maternity portraits are an amazing experience. You can show your style when you put your unique vision into the set up of the shoot. In this consultation, we'll talk all about milk bath maternity photo shoot, what to expect, what to wear, how it all works and everything else you may want to ask me. Looking forward to connecting!

Underwater Portrait Consultation

Wanting something totally unique for your walls or portfolio? Maybe some incredibly attention grabbing images for your brand or business? Underwater shoots are always captivating. Learn everything you need to know and ask any questions you may have in this underwater portrait consultation.

Underwater Maternity Portrait Consultation

Are you expecting and hoping for some incredible photos you'll never forget and an experience to remember? Take the opportunity while you can to get your underwater maternity portraits. This consultation goes over all the logistics, what to wear, what to expect and anything else you may have always wondered about when it comes to underwater maternity portraits. I look forward to chatting with you!

Portrait Consultation - "Other" (Anything Besides The Above!)

Let's chat about your portrait session! This is a 15-minute consultation where we can discuss your vision for the shoot, answer any questions, go over pricing and pick a date to shoot your beautiful portraits. This option is great for those who need help in deciding what kind of photo session would be best for them!


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