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* Teen Acne Consult


This is a great introductory treatment for teens with acne.We start off by talking about the origins of the acne, what has been tried, and what I'll be doing during the facial (including extractions).Then I do a 30-minute facial.Hopefully there will be an area that we can clear up so that your teen sees progress can be made.Finally, we'll talk about some strategies for building on the improvement and your teen will select a free full-sized product to make one small change.

30-Minute Express Facial


60-Minute European Facial


This is your basic facial and is enough for almost everyone.It includes cleansing, exfoliating, masking, and moisturizing.And of course lots of steamy towels!The products used will be customized to your skin's needs at the time of the service.

75-Minute Anti-Aging Facial


This facial goes beyond the basics. It includes cleansing, exfoliating, masking, moisturizing, and steamy towels. But we bring in a few more products for aging eyes and for deeper exfoliating, we spend a little more time letting those products sink in,

75-Minute Deep Cleanse Facial


Acne is the worst.Whether you're still trying to find that silver bullet to end all acne or you've found what works for you and just need facials to help with extractions, I can help.The skin care line I use, Bion, addresses the cycle that perpetuates acne.

Facial - Back


Hair conditioner running down your back in the shower, re-wearing sports bras multiple times between washings, and using bar soaps can all leave your back spotted with blackheads and angry pimples. This service brings top-of-the-line products fit for a facial to your most neglected and hardest to reach skin.

Facial Package - Best. Deal. EVER.


Lash & brow tint, brow wax, mini-facial

Nurses love this one!

Facial Package - Instant Impact


Just feel blah and like you need a little pick me up. This 60-minute classic facial combined with brow wax will make you feel like a million bucks.

Facial Package - This & That


Not sure what you need? Grab 60 minutes with me and let's dabble.Between waxing, tinting, "facials" for face, back, arms or even feet, you'll leave feeling refreshed andhave a pretty good idea about next time.Perfect for new clients and but also returning looking to experiment with something new.

Facials for Two


3 Services

Tinting: Brow & Lash


Includes hand, scalp, or foot massage.

Tinting: Brows


What brows? Maybe you're fair-haired or graying.Tinting is a great way to add a little oomph to your brow line.

Tinting: Lashes


Tinting your lashes can make your lashes look longer and often thicker.It's a great service if during ski and swim seasons, before you go on vacation, or all the time if you work long hours like a nurse does.

12 Services

Wax: Area above top lip


It happens to most of us at some point: a little extra or a little darker hair above the lip. This'll take care of that.

Wax: Back and Shoulders


Price range varies from $40-$75, but $55 is about average.You will get a full back wax including neck and back of shoulders.Then we'll decide how best to wax/trim the sides of your torso and the sides and front of shoulders to fade naturally into your chest, underarm and arm hair.

Wax: Bikini Line


This bikini wax includes all the hair that grows out past what an average bikini would cover.Maybe you've got some stray hairs that extend down your thigh a bit or up toward your belly button.This service will bring it all back down to just inside a tidy bikini.

Wax: Cheeks


Some of us have extra hair on our faces beyond what the traditional lip and chin wax address, especially as we age. This miscellaneous waxing grabs up those extra hairs leaving your face smooth. It helps make-up lay better, too.

Wax: Chin


Whether the annoying hairs on your chin are "pokey" or furry, if it's enough to bother you, this wax is for you.

Wax: Eyebrows


Brow shaping based on your facial shape, eyes, and personal preference.

Wax: Full Face


This includes brow shaping plus lip, chin, and cheeks

Wax: Full Leg


This wax takes care of your whole leg from the upper crease of your leg and including feet and toes.

Wax: Half-Leg (Knees Up)


Thigh wax including your knees up to your leg crease

Wax: Half-Leg (Knees down)


Lower-leg wax including knees and ankles (add feet for $5)

Wax: Miscellaneous


Need something waxed that you don't see listed on the menu? It probably takes about 30 minutes, so choose this and specify your needs in the notes of the appointment.

Wax: Underarm


If I was queen for a day, every woman would get a chance to experience one of these.It's the best!Great for wedding day, especially if you have a sleeveless gown and get 5 o'clock shadow fairly quickly after shaving.


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