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  • Aryn was fabulous!! She was so detailed and meticulous that I will definitely be seeing her regularly. Thank you Aryn!!
  • Aryn is phenomenal at what she does! She distracts so well while she gets down to business. I couldn't imagine taking care of my "hair down there" any other way going forward!
  • I love being able to have waxing done in private, even thought it is usually my brows. Now t hat I'm older, it is time to get my brows done. When you have trouble telling a wrinkle from a hair it's time. I have a fun time giggling with "my girl" that does the work. i love that I have the same girl every time I go in. My husband even doesn't mind waiting for me. I use the work "girl" not in a rude manner, but as a word, of friendship in a way.
  • This is a very nice place. Clean, comfortable, just great. The staff are all pleasent and friendly. If they served drinks I would hang out just for fun. They run a tight schedule and are always on time so you don't have to wait. And the waxing service is excellent. Perfect brows every time. I have been to many waxing stores and I have found the best
  • First time to a new place after 10+ years with the same person (at a different salon who finally retired!) and it was awesome! Highly recommend Lunch Box wax! Wonderful clean modern space, staff is friendly, professional and thorough!
  • Marisa J. is amazing! I've been waxing for over 20 years, but she provides by far the most pain-free and detailed experience I have ever had. My waxing lasts longer than ever before because of her ability to keep hair breakage to an impressive minimum. She is also thorough and hasn't missed a spot- even tweezing any stragglers the wax didn't coerce out. She not only aces the technical skill/aspect of waxing, she also helps put you at ease with her calm, comfortable and relaxed disposition. Waxing can be a very intimate experience, but any anxiety I had/would have had has been melted away by her professionalism. Additionally, even though she has droves of clients, she still manages to remember things you have discussed previously. I try to go in once every 4-6 weeks or so, and am always surprised when she greets me and asks me how things have been with <insert life situations/drama here>. It's nice to know she actively listens and cares. I have never felt rushed and she has been flexible with changes in my schedule that have arisen in the past. She's a true gem!
  • BRI is excellent! She is professional and defintiely helps the client feel comfortable.
  • I always have a great experience with Marissa. She’s fabulous. I can’t remember if that’s her name, but she’s excellent
  • Marisa is very professional, fast, through and friendly. I'm definitely a repeat customer!
  • Meagan is absolutely amazing. Making an awkward situation of s Brazilian into one of the most comfortable experiences ever. She’s lovely!


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