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Brow & Lip


Brow and Upper Lip Waxed

Brow Trim


Brow Trim only

Brow Tweeze


Brow Tweeze

Brow Wax


Brow wax and shaping with our professionally trained brow specialist

11 Services

Classic Lash Fill


Classic lashes create a very natural look. We strongly recommenced a fill every 2 weeks.

Thank You,
LasheyLady Studio

Full Coverage Fill - Volume Lashes


Full Mega Volume, any style you prefer will be customized to to compliment you eyes.
*Strip Lash look
*Thick and Dense

Full Coverage New Set - Volume Lashes


If you are looking for very dramatic, luxurious lashes, choose this set, it will get you closest to the strip lash look.

Thank You,
LasheyLady Studio

Lash Lift


Lash lifting- A perm or Lift creates beautiful, curled lashes that will last 6-8 weeks.

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LasheyLady Studio

Lash Lift & Lash Tint


Natural Lashes are lifted and curled. Tint lasting 3-4 weeks is then applied to give you darker fuller appearing lashes.

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Lash Tint


Tinting- Color selected by your artist (usually black). Lasting 3-4 weeks until touch-up is required

Natural Classic Lash Full Set


This new set of Lashes includes your choice of classic or light volume lashes. This set DOES NOT include full coverage or a thick dramatic look, if you are looking for something more dramatic your artist will need more time and you will want to book a volume lash new set or a full coverage new set which will be even more dramatic.

Thank You
LasheyLady Studio

New Client Lash Fill


This appointment is for anyone who is coming to see us from another lash studio or has not had a fill for 3-4 weeks or more. It gives your artist sufficient time to give your lashes the care and time they deserve

Thank You,
LasheyLady Studio



This service includes removal of your current lash extensions. The service takes approximately 15-30 mins.

Thank You,
LasheyLady Studio

Volume Lash Fill


You will have the choice of Volume or Hybrid Lashes

What are Hybrid Lashes? A mix of Classic and Volume Lashes.

Thank You,
LasheyLady Studio

Volume Lash New Set


This set includes your artist making volume boquets to place on each individual natural lash (3-5 extensions per natural lash) creating a full and wispy look. Depending on your natural lashes and how thick they are this can create a natural or dramatic look for you.

Thank You,
LasheyLady Studio

1 Service

Strip Lash Application


Strip Lash Application, Includes lashes we have in stock for you to choose from.

Permanent Makeup
3 Services



Microblading-Micro-Stroking, or also commonly known as Microblading, Eyebrow Embroidery or 3D / 6D Brows is a method of manual tattooing to create hairline and hair stroke simulations in the area being tattooed.This differs from traditional cosmetic tattooing with a tattoo machine because we can create a very realistic hair pattern which has a softer and more natural appearance. Manual Micro-Stroking is the future of Cosmetic Tattooing and eyebrow enhancements because of the natural, realistic look it creates. Imagine waking up every day with a perfect set of natural eyebrows! This also includes your 6-8 week touch up.

Microblading Consult

Microblading Consultation

15 minutes to go over all your questions and concerns with your artist.

Microblading Touch Up


Microblading Touch Up
This is a touch up for pre-existing brows in which the service was performed by an artist at LasheyLady Studio.

Skin Care
6 Services

Celluma Light Therapy Package of 8


Treatments are customized to bring you the maximum light therapy results. Your aesthetician will consult with you and design the treatment plan that will give you the best results for your skin
Revolutionary light therapy for acne, anti-aging and pain relief. For the best results we recommend 8 treatments, 2 x weekly for 1 month

Classic Facial


Includes cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, hand massage, facial, neck and decolletage massage and mask. Scalp massage is included at the end when finishing with your serums, creams and lip and eye enhancements

Customized Peel and Facial Treatment


Customized Facial Peel treatment specifically designed with your skin in mind. Includes: cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, peel, massage of your face, neck, decolletage, hands, arms and scalp; and finally a mask to seal in all the goodness your aesthetician just pampered your skin with.
Scalp massage, eye and lip enhancements, serums and finishing creams finish you off to enjoy your day or evening



Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz).



Microdermabrasion (Intense Exfoliation) treatment also includes Cleanse, Massage, Mask

Peel & Mask


Specialized Peel treatment designed specifically for your skin. Includes Cleanse, Peel, Mask, Hand Massage

6 Services

1 Day Advanced Training


Please review website training page for more info

thank you!

1 Day Lash Lift Training


1 on 1 Workshop


2 hour courses are either held in the studio, or can be held via Skype or FaceTime.

You can choose from the following techniques in which you would like to focus on. we can do as many or as few as we have time for. its truly your time and i want to make the best of it for you.

Taping for inner and outer corners

Gel Pad placements


Fan making

Grab and Go

Creating Texture With Lash Sets

Russian Volume: To pinch or not to pinch

New techniques such as layering,
VaVa Classic,
Strip lash look and more.

2 Day Classic Lash Training


Please review website training page for more info

thank you!

2 Day Mega Volume Lash Training


Please review website training page for more info

thank you!

2 Week Lash Training


Please see our website for more details on this training

Thank you!

18 Services



A Bikini wax includes sides and top cleaned up



A Brazilian wax includes everything removed from front to back.



Chest wax includes full frontal area of chest including small patch of abdomen.

Chin Wax


Chin wax only

Full Arm


Full arm wax includes top of shoulder down to fingers

Full Back


Full Back includes top of shoulders, bottom of the back of the neck down to waistline

Full Face


Includes Brows, Lip, Chin and Sideburns

Full Leg and Bikini


Full Leg and Bikini (includes only the outer bikini area)

Half Arm


Half arm includes elbow area down to fingers OR Elbow area to the top of the shoulders

Lip & Chin


Lip and chin wax

Lip & Sides


Includes Lip and Sideburns waxed

Lip Wax


Upper Lip Wax

Lip, Chin & Sides


Includes Lip, Chin and Sideburns

Lower Leg


Includes area from the knee down to the toes

Nose, Ears or Neck


Includes one of either the neck area, nostrils or inner ear.



Underarm wax

Upper Leg


Includes waxing from the knee up to the bikini line

Upper or Lower Back


Upper or Lower back section of your choice will be waxed if Full back wax is not necessary


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