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Short Hair Cuts
7 Services

Neck Cleanup


Cut around neckline with straight razor finish.



Using one clipper blade over the whole head, includes straight razor finish.



Short haircut using clippers/scissors includes straight razor finish.

Longer haircuts are available upon consultation and subject to additional fees.

If you have already had a consultation regarding a longer haircut and pricing please book here.

Beard Trim


Complete beard shaping using clippers/scissors.

Haircut/Beard Trim


Haircut and beard trim combo, save 5 bucks!

Straight Razor Fade


Is a zero clipper blade not short enough for you? Let's use a straight razor to shave the hair on your head down to smooth. Book this if you want a full head shave as well.

Two Haircuts!


Are you booking for you AND a friend, save time and energy and book them both together!

Long Hair Cuts
2 Services

Bang Trim


This is a dry fringe cut intended to get the hair away from your face.

Long Hair Cut


If I told you to book this, then book it! If we've never met, I will probably be contacting you to make sure that I am a good fit for your needs.


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