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Short Hair Cuts
6 Services

Neck Cleanup


Cut around neckline with straight razor finish.



Using one clipper blade over the whole head, includes straight razor finish.



Short haircut using clippers/scissors includes straight razor finish.

Longer haircuts are available upon consultation and subject to additional fees.

If you have already had a consultation regarding a longer haircut and pricing please book here.

Beard Trim


Complete beard shaping using clippers/scissors.

Straight Razor Fade


Is a zero clipper blade not short enough for you? Let's use a straight razor to shave the hair on your head down to smooth.

Head Shave


Want that Mr. Clean effect? Hot towels and lots of lather will get you nice and smooth.

Long Hair Cuts
2 Services

Bang Trim


This is a dry fringe cut intended to get the hair away from your face.

Long Hair Cut


If I told you to book this, then book it! If we've never met, I will probably be contacting you to make sure that I am a good fit for your needs.

Service Bundles
5 Services

Haircut/Beard Trim


Haircut and beard trim combo, save $5!

Buzzcut/Beard Trim


Get a buzzcut AND a beard trim and save $5!

Razor Fade/Beard Trim


Get a straight razor fade AND a beard trim and save $7 off!

Head Shave/Beard Trim


Get a head shave AND a beard trim and save $7!

Two Haircuts!


Are you booking for you AND a friend, save time and energy and book them both together!


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