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Brow & Lip Wax


Brows are everything! If you've over tweezed, and need some brow rehab I'm your girl! !Come get a clean up, or reshape with Kristi. Also let's wax that pesky lip hair that's waving at everybody.

Brow Wax


If you tweezed to much and need a brow rehab I'm your girl.If your new to waxing let me reshape your brows to fit your face shape.I also wax preteens/teens.Don't let them over tweeze and end up with thin uneven brows.

Brow wax, Lip wax and Nostril wax


Brow wax, Lip wax and nostril wax.

Brows, Lip & Chin


Brow, lip and chin wax.

Chin Wax


Let's wax that unwanted chin hair.

Ear Wax


Forehead Wax


Do you have unwanted hair on your forehead.Let me clean that right up.

Full Face Wax


Lip Wax




Sideburn wax


Tweeze only


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Acne Facial


Do you suffer from Acne (Adult or teen)? Well I got solutions for you. Book your Acne Facial and I'll help with your skin. But be serious and committed. I will need to see you every 2-3weeks. Let's get your skin on track. & FOLLOW MY RECOMMENDED PRESCRIPTION. (At home regiments) For the best results.Here's to getting beautiful skin! 😍

Back Facial


let me brighten up your skin and help with all those dead skin cells you cant reach.😄

Basic Facial


Basic Facial:
Cleanse, scrub, massage, mask and SPF. Let me brighten your skin and help with cell turn over.

Brightening Facial


Improves skin tone, enhance skin clarity and creates a fresher, healthier appearance with this effective treatment. Powerful exfoliants smooth skin and slough off dulling surface cells, helping to minimize the appearance of sun damage and age spots. Also for BEST RESULTS use the M.A.D skincare I recommend.


Book your FREE consultation. Let me look at your skin under my mag light/woods light so we can set you up with the right kind of facial. 😄

Customized Kissable Skin Facial


This is a customized facial. If you have hyperpigmentation, Sensitive, Aging skin. Ill use the appropriate M.A.D Professional Skincare for your skin type. You will get a deep cleanse that you can't get at home. Youll leave with brighter skin. Please follow my home care regiment.



I will Use a Steamer and my M.A.D Extraction in a Fraction and extractions as much Blackheads/Whiteheads as possible with out scaring you.

Jessner Peel


Before booking a Jessner Peel please book a Free consultation with me so we can do a Patch test/and I can evaluate your skin to make sure your a good candidate for Jessner.

Also I'll give you pre/post instructions for best results.

Also please note that you'll need to book a basic facial a week later so I can see how your skin is doing, and help with all the dead skinow cells.

Kissable Skin Signature Facial


This is my Kissable Skin Signature Facial. Double cleansing, exfoliating face scrub, toner,massage on face/decollete , mask, massage on shoulders, arms and legs and feet. What ever your skin needs (chemical peel, microdermabrasion,high frequency,glavanic,serums) you'll get.Plus paraffin wax on both that hands and feet.

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FX Makeup (Halloween)


Starting at $50. Depending on what you want. Who wants to look like you just got murdered? How about the walking dead?Something maybe demonic. . My favorite kinda makeup to do!Or maybe something beautiful like a sugar skull.I can do it all.

Skin Care
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Under Arm Whitening


Do you have dark pigment under your arms. Let me help you lightenin it up. Depending on how dark it is. Can take a few treatments.

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Beyond bikini


If you want a little more then a bikini wax.

Bikini Wax


Come get Bikini ready this summer with Kristi. I will make sure that no hair will be poking out that cute bikini.



Starting at $65 and up. Come and get all hair removed front & back. Who doesn't want to be hair free!!

Brazilian Maintenance


This is for existing clients. Book 3 weeks out.

Chest Wax


Let's wax all that chest hair so you can be silky smooth Kissable chest.

Full Arm Wax


Full Leg Wax


Half Arm


Half Back


Half Leg


Stomach Wax


Under Arm Wax


Kissable Skin

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  • It has been wonderful getting my eyebrows done, i have sensitive skin And since i started to come with you my skin doesnt get irratated anymore
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