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Everything you need to know about Locs


This hands on training seminar will teach you how to start Locs, grooming and maintenance, Loc styling and more!

You'll learn how to incorporate Locs into your menu of services to increase your income.

Class kit includes:kinky hair mannequin, combs, clips, and products

Look Learn &


Look and learn.This training seminar will cover: how to give the perfect consultation, how to properly start locs, the process of loc grooming & maintenance, loc styling

Hair Care
108 Services

B-Senior Cut


Seniors age 65 and older

B-Traditional Hot Towel Shave


Not included with haircut. Skin is prepared with hot towel, then prepared with a layer of pre-shave and lathered with shaving cream.Face is shaved then sealed with a cold towel.

C-Big Chop


When you are tired of transitioning or you want to skip over the transition and do the Big Chop. The process of cutting off chemically processed or heat damaged hair leaving your hair texture in its natural state.

Consultation and conditioning treatment is included.

C-Curly cut/shaping


Cut only. Come in with your hair ready for cutting.Natural textured hair cut into a style to give your natural balanced and shaped.



Cut only. Shampoo and blow dry is not included.

C-Ultimate Curly Cut


Curls are hydrated with a steam treatment, defined and set to dry, then cut and shaped.

Color - Full Color


Full color is no longer booked online.You must come in for a free color consultation and your appointment will be booked from there.

Color Block


Accent color on a certain area/block of hair.
Not available for online booking.A consultation is required before booking.

Color Glaze


Semi permanent color gloss that seals and protects hair color.Adds shine.Conditions hair.

Color Halo


Hair line ONLY

Color Retouch


Color only on new growth 3/4 in. or less (roots)



Online booking not available.Consultation required.

E-Eyebrow tint/lightening


Eyebrows are tinted a shade darker or lightened a shade lighter.

F-Convenience Charge


If you need a stylist to come in before their regular schedule or stay later than their regular schedule, there will be a charge starting at $20.00.Depends on stylist availability.


A free consultation is necessary for certain services.At the consultation, you and your stylist will discuss style options, concerns, solutions, and pricing.



Late fee for any inconvenience for arriving late for your appointment.

F-No Show/Late Cancelation Fee


Fee for not calling to cancel or reschedule after your appointment has already been confirmed.Late cancelations are considered a No Show.If needed, please cancel 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time.

H-Blow Dry Only


Hair is blow dried straight with moderate heat to prepare for styling. Shampoo is NOT included.Price is increased depending on length, volume and texture of hair.

Long hair pass arm pit is $20

H-Silk Press


Chemical Free.Heat Damage Free.
Textured hair is cleansed, treated with a hydration treatment, blow dried straight using moderate heat, then, thermally pressed or curled using Titanium or Silicone flat iron.Trim included.



Straight back cornrows.For children ages 2-6. Add $20 for added hair. Shampoo, conditioner and blow dry included.1B hair included.

Kids-Loc maintenance


For children ages 2-6

Kids-Pop n Curl


For children ages 2-6

Kids-Starter Locs


For children ages 2-6

Kids-Thermal Straightening


For children ages 4-6
Hair pass the shoulders requires more time and product (add $10 more)

Kids-Two-strand twist


For children ages 2-6 years old

L-Loc Consultation


Thinking about starting Locs?This consultation will introduce you to different locing methods, and answers any questions you have about the locing process.Hair and scalp analysis will also be performed to determine which locing technique would be best.If you live a distance, a consultation via email is available.The cost of the consultation will be deducted from the cost of your first appointment.

L-Loc Maintenance/Express retwist


This service benefits baby locs/starter locs.Scalp is cleansed using a mild astringent and roots are re-twisted.Recommended between the time locs were started and the first full service re-twist.The final price is based on the number of locs you have.

L-Loc Maintenance/Full service re-twist


Locs are cleansed and scalp is massaged.New growth is re-twisted with a techniques that suits your hair type.The initial price is based on 100-150 locs.The final price is based on the number of locs you have.

L-Loc Maintenance/Interlocking


Alternative method to the traditional palm roll method.Ideal for finer textured hair and an active lifestyle that requires frequent shampooing. Up to 150 locs. (Price may increase depending on the size of the locs.)

L-Loc Repair ONLY


Locs repaired using human hair to add on and fill in thin, weak locs. $50.00 per hour plus the cost of hair.

L-Loc Starter/back comb method


Recommended for naturally straight or very loose wavy hair.Locs are back combed to mat the hair into locs.Cleanse and blow dry is included.Deposit required.Consultation required.

L-Loc Starter/coils-two strand twist


Foundation for Locs.Coil twist or 2-strand twist give birth to baby locs, growing into teenage, adult, then elder locs. We use a specific parting grid to ensure endless styling possibilities. Pre-book for loc maintenance every 3-4 weeks. For naturally curly, coily, kinky hair types. Straight to loose wavy hair refer to Back comb/needle method (dread locs).

Final price is based on initial length of hair.

L-Loc Style ONLY


Loc styling with out any other service.

L-Loc Up-Do/Braid Set/Curly Set


Formal up styling, braided set styling, pipe cleaner set, etc. Add on to loc maintenance.

L-Loc color- full application


Application of color on whole head from roots to ends.Price may be adjusted depending on how much color is used.
Online booking not available. A consultation is required.

L-Loc color-Color Block


Blocked section of locs colored. Price may increase depending on amount of color used.
Online booking not available. A consultation is required.

L-Loc color-Double Process Color Block


Section of hair pre-lightened, then colored.
Online booking not available. Consultation required.

L-Loc color-Ends


Color applied to the ends of locs.
Online booking not available. Consultation required.

L-Loc color-Highlights


Color accents to strands of locs.
Online booking not available. Consultation required.

L-Loc cutting-Bang/face frame


Bangs or face frame cut.

L-Loc cutting-Perimeter trim


Locs cut around the whole perimeter to shorten length.

L-Loc cutting-Precision Cut


Precision hair cut on locs.

L-Loc starter/interlocing


Locs are started using a latching method.Shampoo is included.Final price is based on initial length of hair.Deposit required.

L-Loc-Cleanse ONLY


Locs cleansed only. Minimum of 3 shampoos with brush massage service.

L-Loc-Color Double Process


Price may increase depending on how much color is used.

L-Loc-halo retwist


Re-twist only around perimeter.

L-Locs-back comb/needle


For naturally straight to loose wavy hair. Hair is back combed into a matted loc then pulled into a cylinder shape. $50.00 an hour. Consultation is needed before this appointment is booked.

N-2stran twist


Natural hair is twisted using two strands of hair.(Can be done in smaller sections-see mini twist)

N-2strand twist out


Natural hair is twisted using 2 strands, set, then released for fullness and texture.

N-Bantu Knots


2 for 1 natural style. Natural hair is stretched and wrapped into knots for style. Can be released later for a knot-out style.

N-Braid Removal


Previous braided style removed. Price may increase depending on how much time it takes to take down previous style.

N-Braid set/flat twist out


Natural hair is stretched, then braided or twisted to a set for texture.

N-Braids for Wig Wear


Hair is cleansed, blow dried, and medium to large cornrows to wear under a wig. Pre-book every 1-3 weeks. Hair/scalp treatments and trims are recommended add ons.

N-Coil Out


Natural hair is set in coils, then picked apart for a fuller look.

N-Coil/comb twist


Curly, coily, kinky hair is rolled into coils with a small tooth comb.

N-Comb out/Detangle


Hair should be combed out, thoroughly detangled and ready to be cleansed. If not, you must book an appointment for Comb Out/Detangle.



Natural hair is cleansed, blow dried and cornrowed into a designed style.

N-Frontal cornrows/flat twist


Half head of cornrows/flat twist.



One of KinHairitage signature styles. Great for transitioning hair.Hair is included.

N-Mini twist


Small sections of hair is twisted, resulting in a full head of 2 strand twist. Deposit is required.

N-Natural up styling


Natural hair is cleansed, stretched using moderate heat, and pulled up into a creative style by smoothing, braiding or twisting.

N-Simple Bun


Hair is cleansed and molded into a simple bun style.Bun can be positioned high or low.

N-Sponge Twist


Create textured curls, twist, or coils with the sponge brush.

S-Combination style


A combination of braids and twist into one hairstyle. Hair is not included in the price.

S-Dry set


Natural hair is stretched with moderate heat, then set on flexi rods or rings.

S-Just curl me


Relaxed or transitioning hair is curled without shampoo and blow dry service.



Natural curl pattern defined using a styling gel producing frizz free curls.

S-Pop-N-Curl w/Style


A combination of curl definition with braids or twist.

S-Pop-N-Curl, Short


Short, Natural curls are defined with a gel or curl cream.

S-Product Application


S-Ring/Straw/Rod Flexy Set


S-Roller Set


Relaxed or Transitioning hair is set on rollers to set.

S-Shampoo & Curl


Transitioning or relaxed hair is cleansed, dried and curled.

Shampoo & Blow Dry Only (Natural)


T-ACV Rinse


Apple Cider Vinegar is great for balancing the pH of hair, deep cleanse, and adds shine.

T-Cleanse (only)


Cleanse only.The cleanse is included with styling but some may just want to get a good cleansing with no other service.

T-Hot Oil Steam Treatment


Great for all hair types. Helps treat dry hair and scalp, itchy scalp, Hydrates and softens hair.

T-Hydra Steam Treatment


Infused with aloe vera and using revolutionary steam activated technology, the Hyda Steam Moisturizing System promotes curl definition, provides long lasting frizz control, and delivers intense, vital moisture to dry, thirsty hair at every step.Highly recommended for curly and color treated hair.

T-Protein Treatment


T-Scalp Recovery


Treatment for dry, itchy scalp.

T-Scalp Renew


A facial for the scalp. Microdermabrasion cleanses under the scalp skin.For thinning hair, clogged pores, dry scalp etc.

Teeth Whitening


Guaranteed to whiten teeth 2-7 shades or you get your money back.

Weave Maintenance


Weave Removal


If you don't have time to remove your previous weave before your next service, we can do it for you.

Weave- Full Sewn-In


Natural hair is cornrowed and secured with a net.Wefts are sewn onto the net.It's optional to leave sections of natural hair out. Hair is not included in the price. Last 2.5 months.

Weave-Blend & Styled


Weave-Glueless quick weave


Weave-Mohawk sewn


Weave-Partial sew in [5 rows]


Weave-Quick Wig


Removable quick weave. Can be sewn on or removed.

Weave-Sewn in single tracks


$30.00/row.Single tracks are sewn on row by row in between sections of your own hair.

Weave-Wig Sewn On


Weave-crochet braids/weave


Natural hair is cornrowed and extensions are latched into the cornrows. Hair is Not included or provided by us. Recommended hair: Pre-twisted jumbo twist, braids and locs

X-Faux Locs


Faux Locs (pronounced Foe locks) are temporary locs made with synthetic Marley hair.This style will last for 2 months.A non refundable deposit is required. Hair is included. Price may vary according to length and size.

X-Goddess braids


Large french braids with added hair.

X-Halo retwist


Refresh twist around the hair line. Recommended after 3-4 weeks of installation.

X-Kinky Twist


Non refundable deposit required. Two strand twist with Kinky Twist hair.

X-Marley Twist


Must leave a deposit.Hair is not included. Twist extensions with Marley/Havana/Cuban Hair. 6-7 packs suggested.

X-No Knot Box Braids


Deposit required. Hair is included. 3/4 inch thick and 22 inches long. No Knot boxed braids are for those who aren't a fan of the knot at the root of the braid extensions. Healthy No Knot braids are started off with your own hair and hair is fed in. Without the knot, you reduce the risk of tension and build up around the base of the braid. This is especially important for your hair line.

X-Permanent Loc Extensions


A consultation is required.$150 non refundable deposit is required for booking.Permanent Loc extensions are made with human kinky hair. Price may vary according to length and size desired.$60 extra per hour past 8 hours.
5 inches-neck length $850.00
6-7 inches-shoulder length $750.00
8-10 inches-bra strap length $1200.00

X-Spring Twist


Consultation and Non-refundable Down Payment is required. Spring Twist hair is included.

X-Twist Out


Extension twist released to give a full, textured look. Recommended after twist have been in for 2-3 weeks.

Youth-Cornrows w own hair


For children ages 7-12

Youth-Loc Maintenance


For children ages 7-12.Price can go up depending on how much hair they have.

Youth-Pop n Curl


For children ages 7-12

Youth-Starter Locs


For children ages 7-12

Youth-Thermal Straightening


For children ages 7-12.
Hair pass the shoulders require more time and product. (add $10 more)

Youth-Two strand twist


For children ages 7-12

Hair Extensions
4 Services

Weave- Boho Fro


This style can last up to 2 months.Great protective style!Hair is provided by us.A consultation is recommended before booking.

X- KINetis Twist (long)


Past bra strap length.KINetic hair is provided by us and IS included in the price.Detangling, Shampoo and Treatments are NOT included.If you should need these additional services, please book in addition to the KINetic Twist service.

X-Boho Braids


Hair included in price.Shampoo and blow dry NOT included with service (you must book "shampoo and blow dry" service with the braid service.

X-KINetic (medium length)


Bra strap length.KINetic hair is provided by us and IS included in the price.Detangling, Shampoo and Treatments are NOT included.If you should need these additional services, please book in addition to the KINetic Twist service.

Hair Styling
13 Services

Feed in Iverson braids


Small cornrows going into 2 braids. Shampoo, conditioner and blow dry included.1B braiding hair included.

Feed in braids (2 braids)


2 feed in cornrows. Shampoo, conditioner and blow dry included.1B braiding hair is included.

Feed in braids (5-6 braids)


Hair is shampooed, conditioned and blow dried, then, braiding hair is fed in straight back.1B braiding hair included.

Feed in braids (8-10 braids)


8-10 feed in cornrows going straight back.Shampoo, conditioner and blow dry included.1B hair included.

Feed in braids (Side swept-med_


Medium feed in braids going to the side.Shampoo, conditioner and blow dry included.1B hair included.

Feed in braids (Side swept-small)


Small feed in braids going to the side. Shampoo, conditioner and blow dry included.1B braiding hair included.

Feed in braids combination style


Small-Medium feed in cornrows into mohawk with individual feed in boxed braids.Shampoo, conditioner and blow dry included.Braiding hair NOT included.5-6 packs of Kanekalon Braiding hair.

Feed in braids into bun/ponytail (large)


Large (8-10) feed in cornrows going up into a ponytail/bun.Shampoo, conditioner and blow dry included.1B braiding hair included.

Feed in braids into bun/ponytail (small)


Small feed in cornrows into a high ponytail/bun.Shampoo, conditioner and blow dry included.1B braiding hair included.

Kids- Cornrows into buns


Ages 2-6 years old.Cornrows into buns.$20 to add hair.Shampoo, conditioner and blow dry included.1B hair included.

Kids- Design cornrows with beads


Ages 2-6.Design cornrows with beads.Add $20 to add hair.Shampoo, conditioner and blow dry included.1B braiding hair included.

S-Pop n curl w/ Big Chop


Processed hair is cut out, Hydra Steam Treatment and curls are defined.

X-Jumbo Boxed Braids


Individual Jumbo Boxed Braids.Hair NOT included or provided.Shampoo and blow-dry NOT included (appointment must be booked with braid service).Price increases depending on length of braids.

Men's Grooming
7 Services

B-Beard and Mustache Trim


Beard and mustache trimmed.

B-Child's cut


Clipper cut on children 12 and under

B-Deluxe cut


Includes hair and scalp cleansing with massage.



B-Men's Color Treatment


B-Mens Basic Hair Cut


Basic clipper cut.

B-Shape up


Hair trimmed and shaped around hair cut. Beard and mustache is separate.

1 Service

E-Strip Lashes


Strip lashes are temporary eye lash extensions that last for 2-3 days.

3 Services

E- Wax Eyebrow


Hair removal and shaping of eyebrows using gentile wax.

E-Wax Chin


Hair removed from chin with gentile wax.

E-Wax-Upper Lip


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