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Technical Support
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Virus removal


This involves virus detection and removal only.

Software Installation


This involves installation of a customer provided software to be install on a PC/MAC such as a Microsoft office, Antivirus etc. This does not include software like a database programs. Please contact us for a special deals on database programs installation and configurations.

Home network setup and installation


This involves home network router / modem setup and installation only. We will make sure your network is secured and password protected before a technician consider a job done. There maybe additional charges if you want a technician to additional device to your network.

Please discuss this with the technician.

Office network setup and installations.


This includes network troubleshooting, network installation, adding or removing a network device and configurations. This is charged hourly.

Small Business support


This is for a small business technical support. Starting price is $300.00 per month.

Please contact us for more information.

Computer RAM upgrade


This is a FIX price. We charge per memory module.

Operating System Installation


This involves installation of a computer operating system provided by a customer. We charge additional fee if we provides operating system installation program. Work is considered complete once operating system is activated and start menu is clickable.

PC set-up and connection


This is a FIXED price. We charged hourly.

Desktop / Laptop repair


Desktop / laptop repair only. Customer is responsible to purchase any hard ware replacement. Please contact us for more information.

PC tune-up


Optimize your PC's speed. This is a FIXED price

Data recovery


Accidental deletion of data, data corruption, or hard drive failure. This is charged hourly. Please contact us for a special prices.

Data transfer


This involves transfer of a data to a new PC, hard drive or to a cloud computer. Transfer of programs files, pictures, USER settings, user accounts and more.

Starting price is $80.00 Please contact us.

Website Development
1 Service

Website Development Starting price at


Please contact us for more details. We designed website based on customer's requirement. We will design and develop your website to your satisfaction.


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