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  • Sasha was amazing! Her work was really helpful, she did a great job listening to my concerns about my body and addressing them. She made me feel very comfortable and safe and I would highly recommend her to others. I intend on continuing as a client of hers. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about my appointment.
  • I had a great experience having rolfing done by Sasha. She was extremely professional and knowledgable, and was a warm and empathetic guide through the process. She answered all my questions and demystified a lot about rolfing for me. Her sessions felt carefully thought-out, and the atmosphere was very peaceful and safe. The work opened up my body so that I can stand, walk, and exercise in ways that feel more fluid and comfortable.
  • April was lovely. Relaxing, therapeutic. Will be back.
  • after months of tmj related pain, a single short visit to inline bodies has completely rectified the problem!
  • I can only speak about Sasha. She is wonderful and the table and surroundings are excellent
  • I had a great experience with Sasha, she did an amazing job and I instantly flet better after my visit to the office!
  • This was an absolutely strengthening and integrating bodily experience with a dedicated professional!
  • Amazing massage and great experience. Plus I got some much needed guidance on stretches to keep myself aligned which was incredibly helpful. Will definitely be back.
  • Joshua was an intuitive, impactful practitioner. Great massage.
  • The best!


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