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After cleansing and exfoliating, we perform an extraction. Next, we treat the skin with high-frequency therapy to stimulate blood flow to the surface of the skin which will detoxify and oxygenate it. Following with an acne mask or phyto-corrective mask that will calm and soothe the skin. Our expert estheticians will recommend a series of treatments and a proper skin care regiment at home.

Acne + Peel Treatment


For skin prone to breakouts and congestion, we recommend including a chemical peel. Your esthetician will decide which one is more suitable for your skin condition and when is the best time during the facial to apply it, either before or after extraction. We also use LED light treatment in this facial to stimulate the skins healing ability.

Brightness of Ice by Valmont


This luxury facial by Valmont brightens and evens out overall skin tone, minimizing appearances of fine lines. After cleansing, we exfoliate your skin with Clarifying Pack and Face Exfoliant, followed by a pressure point massage with Clarifying Infusion and a lymphatic drainage massage with Renewing Pack and Clarifying Surge. Now your skin is prepared for our medical grade Collagen Mask to absorb all the anti-aging ingredients this mask is packed with. During the mask, we will perform a foot and hand massage. After the collagen mask is removed, we follow up with active concentrate, anti-aging eye cream, and anti-aging face cream.

Deluxe Anti-Aging


This complex treatment focuses on resurfacing, stimulating, and regenerating the skin. The treatment Includes cleaning, exfoliating with chemical peel or microdermabrasion, oxygen infusion with an appropriate active concentrate, an anti-aging mask, followed by lifting with microcurrent electrodes, and electroporation for deeper penetration and stimulation. The result is instantly smooth, plumped, brightened and younger looking skin



This facial provides incredibly smooth skin and stimulates the cell turnover process for a more regenerated appearance. Utilizing a medical grade blade, we remove a layer of dead skin with vellus hair, and follow with a mask and LED light therapy. The instant result is bright, glossy skin with a softer appearance of fine lines. Recommended with a Glycolic Peel and/or Oxygen Infusion add-on for better result.



The Desensitizing facial will help calm sensitive and reactive skin. We start with a gentle cleanser followed by exfoliation with a retexturing activator which will softly lift up dead skin cells. Next, perform a pressure point massage with phyto -corrective serum to diminish redness in the skin, followed by a Vitamin C mask.



The Detoxifying facial is designed for congested and clogged skin. After cleansing and exfoliating we perform extraction and deep pore cleansing, followed by high-frequency therapy to bring blood circulation and stimulate lymph flow. Next, we apply either enzyme, charcoal, or a green tea mask, depending on the skin condition. The result is clean and radiant skin.



The Lifting facial focuses on toning and firming face muscles, providing an instant lift. We utilize two kinds of microcurrents with LED lights that stimulate collagen production and provide a deep tissue facial massage. Our expert estheticians will also recommend a series of treatments for the best ongoing result.



Oxygen Infusion


For a plumper and hydrated look, we cleanse, exfoliate, and prepare skin to infuse an active concentrate packed with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid utilizing an oxygen machine. Besides immediate visible results, this treatment also provides energy on the cellular level of the skin for long term results. We also include an LED light treatment and a mask in this facial.

Oxygen Infusion + Microdermabrasion




An exquisite facial by Valmont. This treatment features cleansing and exfoliation followed by light extraction, active concentrate, and double masks with Renewing Pack and Moisturizing With a Mask. During the mask, we perform a foot and hand massage. Afterward, we perform a face deep tissue lifting massage and finish the facial with Valmont’s anti-aging eye and face creams.



During the Resurfacing facial, we utilize chemical peels specific to each client's skin conditions to achieve healthy, exfoliated, and brightened looking skin. This facial also includes an active concentrate treatment tailored to your skin care needs, and a mask.

Vitality of Glaciers by Valmont


The Vitality of Glaciers facial will leave your skin glowing, plumped and smooth for days. After cleansing and exfoliating your skin, we perform a lifting massage with a Renewing Pack, a mask rich in fruit acids and peptides, followed by a medical grade pure collagen mask, instantly hydrating and saturating your skin with nutrition. During the mask, we will treat you to foot and hand massage. After the collagen mask is removed we massage an active concentrate, anti-aging eye cream, and face cream.

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