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Eye Lashes
6 Services

$ 50 Long Fill


Your lash fill will be $50 if you have gone over 2 weeks, and/ or if you're a new client who did not get their last fill with us.

$25 Week Fill


For lash Clients that return one week from their last appointment.

$35 Lash Fill


For Clients who return 2 weeks from last completed appointment (NOTE if your lashes are thinner than a two week is regularly extra time and rates may apply, simply as your lash stylist before beginning if you are unsure) ALSO if you last fill was not with us regardless if it has only been one week it will be a $50 FILL!

$75 Full Set


For clients that DO NOT have any lashes previous to booking appointment

$85 Silk Extensions


Silk Lashes

Eyelash Removal


3 Services

3D Brow Building


3D Brow Building

3D Brow Redo (Fill)


This Service is when your "Sleek Brows" need to be revamped (typically between 2-3 weeks) We take off any remaining "Sleek Brow" product, and start from scratch! The serum we use while "sculpting" sculpting your brow have both vitamin A&E in it which is a natural hair growth stimulant. This will result in less time needed to build your brow as your hairs should start to grow in themselves.(Service takes 2 hours or less depending on how full we need to make them)

Eyebrow Wax


Hair Care
19 Services

Bang, Neck or Beard Trim


Blow out


$35 and up depending on hair length.

Conditioning Treatment


Make your Hair Soft and Hydrated

Cut / Wash & Style


Get a fresh Haircut and a fresh look for a good price

Formal Up-Do


Hair Style for Prom, Weddings or that special Occasion.

Full Head Bleach


Get the Perfect Blonde look today (does not include Toner)

Full Head Color


Single Process Color $45 and up depending on hair length

Full Head Weave


Get all over highlights (Toner not included time can very)

Hair Extension application


$99 Per Hour

Hair Style


No wash STYLE ONLY for hair short to shoulder length (extra coast if hair reaches middle of the back or longer)

Hair Wash


Great on hot days, or for a haircut



Half Head Bleach


Get Beautifully Blonde (does Not include Toner time can very)

Half Head Weave


Get highlights from your ears up (Toner not included time can very)

Kids Haircut (10 & Under)


Long Hair Perm


Permanently waving hair the reaches the middle of the back and/or longer.

Long Hair Style (Middle of back and longer)


Considered Long hair if the hair reaches the middle of your back or longer.

Magic Sleek Treatment


Relaxing and Smoothing Treatment for your hair.
control your hairs frizz and curls, this is one 3 hour treatment that pays for its self. LASTS 6-8 MONTHS!!!!

Partial Perm


Hair Removal
1 Service

Mens Beard Trim


Skin Care
2 Services

Brow Tint


Coloring of eyebrows

Lash Tint


No mascara or lash extensions needed

1 Service



JUNE SPECIAL!!! Microblading only 250.00 (Regular 350.00) this includes one touch up!

11 Services



Chin Wax




this includes both ears



forehead wax

Full Arm wax


Full Face Wax


Full Leg Wax


Half Arms


Half Legs


Middle Brow Wax


Nose Waxing