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2 Hour Rapid Rinse + Color Balancing Primer + Heated Tan


pH balancing treatment before your heated airbrush tan, to created the perfect pallet for your tan. This is amazing for people with dry skin. Pair this with our rapid tan and shower in 2 hours! (Save $5 when you choose both Rapid and Primer)

2 Hour Rapid Rinse | Heated Airbrush Tan


This is the exact same solution you know and love. The same solution as the "Heated Airbrush Tan", the only difference is that there is an added accelerator, to speed up your development time! Rinse off 2 hours after application. If you're not into the sticky feeling this helps a LOT! Your tan will continue to develop after rinsing off.
Please note: It is very normal for your tan to be a little lighter than normal when you take your first shower. Do not worry it will continue getting darker for the following 8 hours.

Color Balancing Primer + Heated Airbrush Tan


Add this full body pH balancing treatment to your heated airbrush tan. This will create the perfect even pallet for your tan. Great for clients with dry skin. (This price is for pH balancing treatment & tan application)

Heated Airbrush Tan


Your heated application process is delivered two ways; by preparing your skin and keeping you dry with a gentle flow of warm air, and by infusing heat directly into the tanning spray, creating an airbrush application you can barely feel being applied. Please allow 8 hours for your airbrush tan to develop. See "how to" on for more details

Hush Heated Airbrush Tan

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