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A New Spark :: Creative coaching
For beauty from the inside out. If you are looking for a transformation that goes a bit deeper than the hair on your head, this is a private session for that!

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Hair Care
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Robin - All Over Color


A singular color application-- all over color-- on natural or color treated hair-- If color has been previously applied, then the color that is desired must be darker than existing color treated hair in order to achieve desired results from a single application. If on natural hair that has not been previously colored then a lighter color is achievable.

Robin - All Over Lift


Lifting natural hair color to a lighter shade-- This may involve bleach or a hi-lift tint. If bleaching, it may take a couple of applications to get the desired lift. Usually a toner is applied in the final process.
Though this is catagorized as "Double Process Color" sometimes it is more than double, when this is the case, the service is priced hourly, at a rate of $50 an hour with a $100 minimum to secure the appointment.

Robin - Balayage


Pieces of hair carefullyand artfully painted to mimic the natural lightening effects of the sun-- I often refer to this methods out come as "giving you your kid hair again" Beautiful natural looking out come is one of my very favorite services to preform.

Robin - Blow out


Look smokin' hot for a day or a week!
We'll wash and condition your hair and the blow it out, leaving it polished and fresh or big, tossled and volups... Which ever you fancy! Come in for a Blow Out on the regular, once a week or once in while for a special pick me up. Either way you are sure to feel like total babe when you walk out the door!

Robin - EXTRA EXTRA - Gobs of hair- Haircut!


If you have tons of thick hair and it usually takes a really long time to cut and style, this appointment is for you. A little extra love for your extra abundant locks!

Robin - Flash Style


The Flash Style is a 20min styling service on already clean/dry hair. We use our products, tools and talents on your regular old mop of hair and turn it into mad style magic!!! and we do it in a snap.

That thing you would have us do if (when) you win the lottery (you know? Do your hair everyday) That is this!

Someone else, with outrageous skills making you look effortlessly foxy.

Robin - Full Head Highlights


Highlights or lowlights where the entire head is placed in foils... Alternating existing color (pieces left out of foils) and the added color (pieces put into foils) over all surface of the head.

Robin - Haircut & Color Touch up ("roots" only)


Haircut and Color Touch Up together in one booking!
This is for a single processon just the "roots" on previously colored hair.

Robin - Haircut -- Kid's Cut


Haircut for your kiddo! 
(12 and under)
No Shampoo or blow dry. What we do here is our best to flow with the squermage and make your child, tot, or tween look super stylish, and feel great about their hair!

Robin - Haircut -- Men's Cut


For the Fellows! Holiday is not just for the ladies, we love to have the guys on board as well!Although we mainly do scissor and razor cuts we offer do offer a minimum amount of clippering where that sort of thing is needed... But whatever the means the end is always a handsome haircut that is personalized and stylish.

Robin - Haircut -- Woman's Cut


This is our FAVORITE service of all... The woman's haircut. Specializing in curly & wavy hair. But we do also enjoy doing you ladies with straight hair as well. Using intuitive, organic  scissor and razor cutting techniques we view cutting hair  as a sculptural art form. We follow the natural desire of each persons hair, and we strive to create looks that suit the individual.

Robin - Partial Highlights


Highlights or lowlights where only the top portion of the head is placed in foils... Alternating existing color (pieces left out of foils) and the added color (pieces put into foils) on the top part of the head only.

Robin - Shamp/Cond Only (No Dry)


come in and get a quick shampoo and condition (no blow dry)Just get the job done!Great for if you have an injury to your arm or hand,  or if you just ran out of shampoo... And while your at it you can pick up some products too!We have had clients with casts utilize this service for a couple weeks on end.

Robin - Smoothing Treatment (non-perminate)


This temporary straightening service will give you dream girl princess hair--for reals! Come in with clean dry hair and we will do the rest! This service involves some magic serum and a flat Iron- and tiny little sections so that we don't miss a single hair!

Robin - Solo Color Touch Up -- just the "roots" without a haircut


"Root" touch up-- 1/4" to 1/2" of out growth.On scalp application to match the existing colored portion of your hair.

Robin - Up Do


Get all gussied up... For a special occasion or a night out on the town! Up do's range from classic, clean polished, and formal , to romantic, understated, twists, braids and trendy top knots!come with clean DRY hair and we will doll you all up!

Robin - Wedding - Bridal Party - Day Of - In Studio


For all the lovely ladies wishing their dear bride Happily Ever After... We will make you sparkle and shine in the humble shadows of her majesty... We are going to spiff you right up, whip up an up do, or throw in some shapely curls, what ever special look you are after we will get you looking second best!But really, this is a special day for everyone and we want the whole bridle party to look stunning and we are here to make that happen.

Robin - Wedding Prep - Bride - Day Of - In Studio


This is it! Your Wedding Day!The last thing you need to be doing is worrying about your hair, and you wont have to, because it will be in good hands. We are going to make your hair look beautiful and special, to match the rest of you on your big day!

Robin - Wedding Prep - Bride - Trial Up Do


Getting ready for your big day?
Birng in pictures, descriptions, likes, dislikes, we'll talk about your dress, your flowers, your colors, your vibe, and find the perfect hair style for you on your special day. We'll do a test run of your wedding hair, take pictures and create a file for use on your wedding day.

Mary - Balayage (hair painting)


Mary - Bang Trim

Mary - Color Touch Up (solo)


Mary - Full Color


Mary - Full highlights


Mary - Kid's Cut


Mary - Men' Haircut


Mary - Partial Highlights


Mary - Woman's Haircut



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