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Basic 1 Hour Clean


Small one bedroom apartment.

Basic 1.5 Hour Clean


One bedroom or small two bedroom apartment.

Basic 2 Hour Clean


Standard size two bedroom home or apartment or a larger place that is fairly clean.

Basic 3 Hour Clean


Three bedroom house. Also good for a four bedroom place that’s pretty neat and not too large.

Basic 4 Hour Clean


Ideal for a four bedroom home. Can also work if you have a larger house (4,000+ sq ft) that is basically neat.

Basic 5 Hour Clean


Great for four or five bedrooms that we clean regularly.

Basic 6 Hour Clean


Perfect for a home with five bedrooms, media room, playroom or other extras.

Basic 7 Hour Clean


Homes with five bedrooms +. For very large homes (7500 sq feet or more) please give us a call at (214) 334-7082

Deep 2 Hour Clean


One or small two bedroom apartment

Deep 3 Hour Clean


Larger two bedroom or a neat three bedroom home or apartment.

Deep 4 Hour Clean


Most three bedroom homes

Deep 5 Hour Clean


Standard four bedroom home or a three bedroom that needs more work.

Deep 6 Hour Clean


Larger four bedroom home.

Deep 7 Hour Clean


Five bedrooms+. Homes this size may require multiple days/teams.

Moving 2 Hour Clean


Studio or one bedroom. Possibly a two bedroom that’s pretty clean already.

Moving 3 Hour Clean


Two bedroom that needs more detail or small three bedroom.

Moving 4 Hour Clean


Three bedroom or a four bedroom that already fairly clean.

Moving 5 Hour Clean


Most four bedroom homes or five bedrooms if already in pretty good shape.

Moving 6 Hour Clean


Four bedroom that needs more work or most five bedroom houses.

Moving 7 Hour Clean


Large homes with 5 bedrooms+. Homes this size may require multiple teams/days.

Post Construction 2 Hour Clean


Very small remodel project. Usually good for one or two rooms.

Post Construction 3 Hour Clean


Small apartment or a few rooms in a house.

Post Construction 4 Hour Clean


One or two bedrooms, could work for larger place if dust is minimal.

Post Construction 5 Hour Clean


Two bedroom with extra rooms or basic three bedroom place.

Post Construction 6 Hour Clean


Most four bedroom homes or smaller place with heavier dust.

Post Construction 7 Hour Clean


Four bedrooms +. Larger homes may require multiple teams/days.

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