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Body Treatments
6 Services

Salt Glo Treatment

60min Himalayan Sea Salt Detox Wrap

Salt Glo Treatment Add-On

75min Volcanic Ash Mud Infrared Wrap

90min Cupping Cocoon

Dry Brushing 15min Add-on


Energy Medicine
17 Services

30min Reiki

60min Reiki

20min Sound Healing Session

30min Sound Healing Session

45min Reiki

45min Sound Healing Session

60min Crystal Reiki Healing Session

60min Sound Healing Session

75min Intuitive Reiki

Aura Photo

Aura Photography(POST)

Aura Photography(PRE)

90min Sound Healing Session


30min Pranic Healing

60min Pranic Healing

90min Healing Trifecta

24 Services

20min Renewal Facial

30min Relaxing Facial

60min Relaxing Facial


90min Relaxing Facial

Collagen Eye Treatment & Mask

60min Got Your Back-Facial

90min Deluxe Facial

60min Deluxe Facial

Add-On Diamondmicroderm Abrasion

Photo LED Light Therapy Treatment

20min Stress Relief Neck & Back

30min Got Your Back-Facial

60min Hands for Heroes FACIAL

45min Spa Facial

60min Facial By The Sea

90min Facial By The Sea

Hydrodermabrasion w/Oxygen Infusion

60min Seasonal Facial Sampler


90min Ultimate Spa Facial


Photo LED 20min Add-on Treatment


Deluxe Warm Bamboo Facial


Diamond Microderm Abrasion


Color Up Therapeutics Infused Facial


Facial Lymph Add-On


Floatation Tank
5 Services

120min Private Float (2 Hours)

180min Private Float (3 Hours)

60min First Time Float (1 Hour)

60min Private Float (1 Hour)

90min Private Float (1.5 Hours)

Hands for Heroes (Military)
17 Services

Gen Mills 15min Chair Massage

Gen Mills 7 min Chair Massage

120min Hands for Heroes COMBO

120min Hands for Heroes MASTER

30min Hands for Heroes COMBO

30min Hands for Heroes FACIAL

30min Hands for Heroes MASTER

45min Hands for Heroes COMBO

45min Hands for Heroes MASTER

60min Hands for Heroes COMBO

60min Hands for Heroes FACIAL

60min Hands for Heroes MASTER

75min Hands for Heroes COMBO

75min Hands for Heroes MASTER

90min Hands for Heroes COMBO

90min Hands for Heroes FACIAL

90min Hands for Heroes MASTER

Lavender Treatments
4 Services

15min Lavender Scalp Massage

30min Lavender Head, Neck & Shoulders

30min Luxury Lavender Leg & Foot Treatment

50min Lavender Foot Reflexology

Life & Business Coaching
5 Services

20min Intuitive Counseling/Coaching

30min Life Path Coaching

Business Consulting

Life Coaching

Past Life Regression

Massage Services
37 Services

20min Hot Stone

60min Ashiatsu


75min Ashiatsu

90min Ashiatsu

50min Winter Warmup

120min Combo Massage

30min Combo Massage

45min Combo Massage

60min Combo Massage


75min Combo Massage

90min Combo Massage

30min Hot Stone

45min Hot Stone

60min Hot Stone

90min Hot Stone

Off-Site Massage

30min Quick Fix Back Retreat

30min Reflexology

45min Reflexology

60min Reflexology


75min Reflexology

90min Reflexology

15min Scalp Massage

15min Seated Massage

60min Sports Massage Therapy


30min Trigger Point Therapy

Cupping Add-On


60min Thai

90min Thai

60min Detox Lymph

60min Orthopedic


60min Restorative Lymph Drainage

90min Orthopedic

Detox Lymph Add-on

60min Swedish + 15min Dry Brushing Combo


Healing Oil Add On


Healing Salve Spot Treatment Add On


Master Massage Services
69 Services

30min IET Trigger Point Treatment

90min Integrated Energy Technique

30min Craniosacral Therapy

60min Craniosacral Therapy

30min Cupping w/Massage

60min Cupping w/Massage

75min Cupping w/Massage

90min Cupping w/Massage

120min Master Massage

30min Master Massage

45min Master Massage

60min Master Massage

75min Master Massage

90min Master Massage

60 min Orthopedic Cupping

30min Pedi Cupping

120min Master Ashiatsu

20min Face Cupping

25min Brazilian Toe Technique

30min Master Ashiatsu

30min Hot Lava Shell Massage

30min Neural Reset Therapy

45 min Master Ashiatsu

45min Hot Lava Shell

60 min Master Ashiatsu

60min Chi Nei Tsang

60min Himalayan Sea Salt Hot Stone Massage

60min Hot Bamboo Massage

60min Hot Lava Shell Massage

60min Lomi Lomi

60min Lymphatic Drainage Technique

60min Neural Reset Therapy

60min Aromatherapy Immersion (Raindrop)

60min Rolfing

60min Shiatsu

75 min Master Ashiatsu

75min Hot Lava Shell

75min Hot Stone

75min Shiatsu

90 min Master Ashiatsu

90min Hot Bamboo Massage

90min Hot Lava Shell

Animal/Intuitive Counseling Session

Earth Magic Healing Sessions

90min Shiatsu

45min Detox Lymph

75min Detox Lymph

Ear Candling (2)

Integrative Massage

15min CST Add-on

15min Lymph Add-on

90min Lymphatic Massage

30min 123 Facial Massage Treatment

60min 123 Facial Massage Treatment

75min Spinal Touch Therapy

45min Himalayan Sea Salt Hot Stone Massage

75min Himalayan Sea Salt Hot Stone Massage

30min Massage By The Sea

45min Massage By The Sea

60min Massage By The Sea

75min Massage By The Sea

90min Massage By The Sea

90min Vagal Reset Therapy

75min Craniosacral Therapy

120min Craniosacral Therapy


45min Craniosacral Therapy


90min Craniosacral Therapy


30min Visceral Manipulation


60min Visceral Manipulation


Medical Massage
15 Services

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 30min

Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis) 30min

Injury Recovery (Sports Massage) 30min

Lumbar Release/Low Back Pain (LBP) 30min

Neuromuscular Therapy 30min

Piriformis Syndrome 30min

Plantar Fascitis 30min

Rotator Cuff Injuries 30min

Scalenes Testing 30min

Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) 30min

Tennis Elbow or Golfer's Elbow 30min

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) 30min

Torticollis (Weak Neck) 30min

Trigger Point Therapy 30min

Whiplash 30min

Nail Tech Services
8 Services

Deluxe Spa Pedicure


Express Pedicure


Full Spa Pedicure


Gel / Dip Polish Removal


Shellac Manicure


Shellac Pedicure


Spa Manicure


Express Manicure


Pregnancy Massage
5 Services

30min Pregnancy Massage

45min Pregnancy Massage

60min Pregnancy Massage

75min Pregnancy Massage

90min Pregnancy Massage

Private Yoga Sessions
3 Services

30min Pre Massage Warmup

60min Private Yoga Session

90min Private Yoga Session

Therapeutic Spa Treatments
8 Services

30min Amethyst BioMatt

30min Aromatherapy or Whirlpool Tub


30min Infrared Sauna

60min Infrared Sauna

Mud Bath

Pre/Post Shower

45min Infrared Blanket Wrap

60min Private Aromatherapy Whirlpool Soak


Waxing & Specialties
23 Services





Brow Shaping




Chest wax


Chin Wax










Eye Brow Tinting


Eye Lash Tinting



Lash Lifting

Full Face WAX




Feet & Toes

Frenchy (Bikini)


Hands - WAXING




Back with Shoulders



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