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Hair Cut


Ladies Precision Cut
Men's cut

Hair Cut (Trim)




Relaxed Hair

Silk Press


Starting Price Above Shoulder Length hair
Below Shoulders Addl 10.00
Deep Conditioner Recommended

Deep Conditioner


Sit under dryer for 20 min Does Not include Style

Full Relaxer( Natural Hair)


Starting Price for Above Shoulder Length Hair
Addl 10.00 for Below shoulders
Deep Conditioner Included if Needed

Re-Touch Relaxer


Starting Price for Above Shoulder Length Hair
Addl 10.00 for below shoulders
Deep Conditioner included if Needed

Fix Me Cut/Shape-Up


Your hair has grown out of its style
Cut Incorrectly



Includes Beard Trim for Men

Full Color(Rinse)


Does Not include Style

Full Color (Permanent)

Please contact for pricing


Please contact for Pricing

Eyebrow Arch


Locs (Re-Twist)


Starting Price... May vary depending on Condition of Locs

Sew In (No Closure)


Starting Price
Does Not include Hair

Kids Lrg Triangle/Box Braids


Starting price.. Includes up to 40 braids..
Hair Not Included
Pls come Shampooed!!

Adults Lrg Triangle/Box Braids


Starting Price... Includes up to 40 braids...
Hair NOT included
Pls come Shampooed!!



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