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Beard Trim


Mens Beard trim

Bleach and Toner



Schwarzkopf Blond me.Blonde to platinum blonde to white, bleached hair color strikes a dramatic look for anyone. Dark hair transforms to beautiful white hair through the process of bleaching and toning.

Price varies on length

Blow Dry


Blow dry and style of hair that is shoulder length and longer.
$55.00+ Depending on length of hair.

Blow Out w/ Extensions


Shampoo and blow dry with Fiberceutic conditioner for clients with extensions or Micro piece in their hair.

Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment


Professional Smoothing treatment. Through the use of a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex and a proprietary polymer system, the Brazilian Blowout actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth, healthy, conditioned hair with radiant shine.
$250- $350Plus depending on length of hair.
Home care products are additional and must be used to guarantee thelasting effects of the Blowout.DEPOSIT $100 at time of Booking.

Brazilian Split End Treatment


Professional Split End repairing treatment that instantly strengthens, repairs, seals and protects ends for 4 weeks…in only 35 minutes! (Must be added to a blow-dry service.

Childs Haircut - Boy


Childs Haircut $35+ Depending on length of hair.

Color Gloss


Just when you thought, you have seen it all discover the latest revolution in hair coloring. Experience a firework of colors with the new Igora Viviance tone on tone hair color. Available in 40 shades and 6 creative mix tones, Igora Viviance has six color worlds that offer luminous and vibrant shades for breath taking color. The gentle ammonia free cream formula guarantees care during coloring while the intensive care complex, containing vitamin c, ensures sheer smoothness. Beautiful color results are easier and faster than ever with Igora Viviance. The rich cream consistency makes application smooth and the development time is as fast as 5 minutes. Igora Viviance is durable and high performing, lasting up to 25 shampoos before any significant color loss. Gray clients will be ecstatic to find out that Igora Viviance blends gray up to 70% with no ammonia. With performance, ease of use, retention and gray blending, it's time for salons to experience Igora Viviance. TONE-ON-TONE COLORATION * personalized results with 40 intermixable shades and 6 creative mix-tones * superior white blending up to 70% * high performance color pigments * ultimate light reflection * vibrant, lasting, tone-on-tone results * unsurpassed intensity and shine

Color Retouch


Retouch - adjusting color at the roots of the hair. Does not include running color to the ends. Basic color only of roots to line of demarcation. Price varies on complexity. $75+

Deep Conditioning


Alterna’s CAVIAR RX Reconstruction Treatment is a revolutionary in-salon treatment that has been specifically designed to repair and recondition hair, making it feel younger, stronger and more radiant for up to 30 days. This 3-step Professional system is a permanent re-conditioning treatment that works synergistically to reconstruct distressed hair and restore it to a healthy state. Replenishes moisture and strengthens the hair from the inside while reinforcing and sealing the cuticle. The result is shinier, healthier, more manageable hair for up to 30 days

Fix It


Color retouch from ear to ear over the hairline. Service to maintain hairline color in between retouches.

Formawell Hair Resurrection


Formawell’s creation erupted from Italian mastermind Fernando Slaibi, a pioneer in the industry, with over 35 years of experience. With revolutionary ingredients of the Amazonian Orchid, along with American cutting edge technology, Formawell penetrates the hair cuticles and regenerates the root and the cortex. It allows the hair to have a natural, silky, shiny and healthy appearance by repairing, healing and restructuring the hair.

The active ingredients in our innovative formula are extracted from natural sources and contain no formaldehyde or added keratin. Formawell reactivates and reconstructs the hair’s own natural keratin, treats the scalp and regenerates the hair molecule in the process.

Because Formawell is derived from natural ingredients, including the Amazonian Orchid, no gloves or mask are needed and the hair can be washed, dyed and curled (if desired) immediately following treatm

Full Color


Single color applied to your entire head or just a color that takes no more than once process to achieve color result.

Hairdreams Extensions Consultation


LaserbeamerXP is a German-engineered, state-of-the-art masterpiece - to apply up to 8 strands of premium, 100% human hair extensions in 40 seconds.
Price ranges from $350.00 - $3000.00 Depending on length and amount of fullness desired.
Deposit required- can be applied to other services if not used for extensions,

Highlights - Full Head


Highlights are applied strategically through your hair to add extra dimension by bringing a lighter shade to your overall color. Highlights can be applied to look natural and work with your hair or a high contrast that fits the current trends. $185.00 +

Inoar Argan Oil Keritan


Inoar Argan Oil System Kit

Argan Oil System of Inoar Cosmetics contains the exclusive Kem3 Complex with Argan oil and glyoxialin acid, the substitute for formaldehyde. Kem3 Complex is an exclusive formula and patented by Inoar, which allows the sealing of the cuticle through the attraction between the positive charge deposited in the hair cortex (which is in the center of the strand) and negative charge of the cuticles, which are on the outer part of the strand, then sealing with a composite of acidic pH (1.5) in the cuticle, allowing for the durability of the smooth effect and incredible shine for up to 60 days.

** Products Additional
*** Deposit required for booking. Can be applied to any service.

Men's Haircut


Mens standard Haircut. $55+Varying on complexity.

Mens Demi-permanent color.


A Level 2 product is called Demi-permanent color. Level 2 products have a color enhancement factor, which is a little more visible than that of first level products. The color should last around 24 to 26 shampoos, depending on its strength. Level 2 products are generally used to blend and cover up gray hair.

Mini Highlights or Lowlights


Highlights or Lowlights are applied strategically through your hair to add extra depth and richness to your color. These can be applied with foils to work with your current color or as a contrast to fit the current trends. $96



Partial foils add multi-dimensional highlights or lowlights around the crown and top area of the head.

Multi Dimensional Color Long Hair


Linear slices of differing girths that travel through multiple planes...
Full flow/ High point flow/ Mid point flow
Slightly-Shadow-and lights and reflection

Ombre Color Or Artigo Bayalage


Color that leaves your hair looking as if you've dipped the ends a shade lighter and darker on the top. $175+ Depending on length of hair.

Partial Highlight or Lowlight


Partial High or Low-Lights are applied strategically through your hair to add extra depth and rich-ness to your color. These can be applied with foils to work with your current color or as a contrast to fit the current trends. $135.00+

Royal Absolutes 100% Gray Anti-Age


What it is: IGORA Royal Absolutes delivers 100% white coverage without having to mix with a natural shade. Containing Biotin-S Anti-Age Technology, these 11 high fashion shades offer complex strengthening through Biotin and Silica that refills gaps in the hair structure. What it does: 100% coverage and even color results on more than 50% white hair with the convenience of not having to mix with a natural shade. What else you need to know: 100% color intensity with radiant results Innovative BIOTIN-S Anti-Age Technology Formulated with Color-Crystal-Complex and Moringa Oleifera To be used with 30 Vol. (9%) IGORA Royal Developer for maximum coverage and color vibrancy



Wash and Shampoo application with Loreal Professional products. A Conditioning treatment of Fibercuetic is included.

Shampoo & Blowdry


Basic Shampoo and Blowdry

Women's Cut


Women Haircut with style. Price varies on complexity of style and cut.


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