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*TELEMATIC Initial Advanced Allergy Therapy for Animals and People


Advanced Allergy Therapeutics or "AAT" is a non-invasive modality for determining and relieving allergic sensitivities. In this first 1 hour session patient concerns will be reviewed before initial AAT sensitivity testing and first AAT session. Easy to follow instructions on how to join your online Telematic session will be sent to you.

TELEMATIC Advanced Allergy Therapy Follow Up for Animals. and People


This is an Advanced Allergy Therapy appointment to continue the plan established at initial session. Information on how to join your online Telematic appointment will be sent to you.

TELEMATIC Emotion Release Therapy for Animals and People ( 2 REMOTE SESSIONS)


With intent to achieve the greatest success possible for clients they schedule their first telephone session and at that time prepay for their follow up.If a heart wall is identified at the first session and is not cleared in that session then your practitioner will conduct as many “in clinic” sessions as is necessary to remove heart walls without additional charge.Clinic time is in the wee early hours when practitioner will conduct emotion release sessions without the client in communication.If you desire, session notes will be sent to you. After heart walls are removed the second telephone session is scheduled to check in with client and any additional trapped emotions that may be released at that time.Sometimes, heart walls are revealed at the second phone session in which case the in clinic sessions will be conducted as described, until the heart walls are removed.

TELEMATIC Vaccine Sensitivity Screen for Animals and People


A non-invasive test to check for vaccine induced sensitivities.Vaccines can cause inappropriate responses to the non-pathogens and common substances that are added to vaccines as well as the vaccine itself. E.g. Foods, molds, blood components, household and ubiquitous chemicals to mention a few examples.Easy to follow instructions on how to join your Telematic appointment will be sent to you.

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