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Acne & Breakout Control Facial


A customized treatment to target the causes and treat the symptoms of acne and breakouts.

Arctic Berry Illuminating Peel (Organic)


What if you could target the signs of aging, uneven skin, sensitive skin and problem skin in just 3 steps?

With our new Arctic Berry Illuminating Collection, you can do just that. This innovative 3-step peel and peptide system awakens the skin’s natural inner beauty using an exquisite blend of arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract.*

*Best results are seen with monthly professional treatments followed by weekly at-home system use.

Berry-Licious Facial


Blueberry Detox Firming Peel (Organic)


Bronzing Facial


Your customized facial will include thorough exfoliation as well as a professional application of sunless tanner to give you that post-vacation sun-kissed look!

Enzyme Epicuren Facial


Upgrade to Epicuren and your facial will include an incredible layered mask treatment that firms, plumps, and lifts the skin. This is truly an "Instant Face Lift" and is a favorite for red carpet events, while also amazing for anytime.

Herbal Green mini-peel (acid and chemical free)


This is algae and herb based, and treats Acne, Oily Congested Skin, Large Pores, Sun Damage, Fine Lines and Wrinkles. It is appropriate for all skin types and the treatment is customized for your needs.This product is all Natural, No Preservatives, Fillers or Additives.It is an amazing way to get fresh bright skin with no down time.

Hormone Balancing Facial


If you have hormone related breakouts every month or are experiencing peri or post menopausal loss of elasticity in your skin, this is the facial for you. This treatment utilizes a blend of whole plants and seeds which are naturally high in phytoestrogens and anti-oxidants, and have incredible health benefits for your skin.These ingredients will help balance hormonal fluctuations (monthly cycle, or peri/post menopausal), normalize oil in your skin, and give it a youthful glow.It’s like a healthy green smoothie for your skin from the inside out.

Manual Microdermabrasion Treatment


Upgrade to Manual Microdermabrasion and your esthetician will customize a manual resurfacing using the appropriate product for you.

New Client Facial (*First time clients only*)


Customized skin care treatment which addresses your concerns and helps you achieve your goals.A variety of natural and organic products are used and a thorough intake consultation takes place before the treatment begins.You will see results and we can help you achieve balance and health in your skin.

Organic Bright Skin Peel


Target hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and residual break out marks with this amazing, non-irritating organic peel.Home care kit also available.

Organic Calm Skin Peel


Organic Clear Skin Peel


An organic way to clear breakouts without irritation or down-time!Home care kit also available.

Organic Firm Skin Peel


Organic Mangosteen Lactic Acid Fruit Peel


This delicious peel utilizes the Queen of Fruits, Mangosteen, which contains a natural form of Lactic Acid.This gentle fruit AHA peel is self-neutralizing and non-irritating, resurfaces your skin, minimizes pores, and promotes natural radiance.This treatment will improve your skin tone and leave your skin supple and radiant, and is appropriate for sensitive and dry skin types.

Peel (Customized)


Upgrade to a Peel and your esthetician will choose which product(s) to use to dissolve dead and dry skin cells and reveal fresh new skin, using natural and organic ingredients. No down time! (We have peels for acne/breakouts, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, resurfacing, and an Organic Blueberry Firming Detox Peel.)

Signature Organic Facial


Upgrade to Organic and you will be treated to a facial using only the finest quality products from Eminence Organics. FDA certified organic, and utterly delicious for your skin.

Teen Facial


A treatment specifically designed for the challenges of teenage skin, to bring balance and cleanliness to the complexion.

Turn Back Time VIP Facial


This is our Red Carpet, full-on VIP treatment to turn back the hands of time and leave you luminous, nourished, and completely re-booted.  We will customize a peel for you, utilizing 2 of our Organic peel treatments, to target your concerns and achieve immediate results.  You will also receive our Ultralift Facial Massage, followed by a Micro-Current/LED session to lift and firm facial muscles and stimulate new collagen production, and finally the Cryo Globes Facial Massage to lock in all the nutrients and anti-oxidants and leave you poreless, youthful, and radiant.   Whether it's for a special event, or for your everday life, this is an amazing treatment.

Vitamin Revitalize Facial


This nourishing facial will infuse your skin with potent antioxidant vitamins, to slow down the aging process and protect your skin from the ravages of UV rays.You'll emerge hydrated and renewed.

Yam & Pumpkin Peel (Organic)


The organic form of an IPL treatment, this peel is nature's Retin-A, amazing for clearing scars and marks from old breakouts.This treatment is acid-free, using enzymes to remove dead, damaged, top layers of skin and reveal fresh, smooth, clear skin.

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Cheek Wax


Removes hair from your cheek areas.

Chin Wax


Removes hair from your chin area.

Forehead Wax


Removes hair from your forehead.

Upper Lip Wax


Removes hair from your upper lip.


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