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Acrylic Fill


Need a fill? Get a quick fill and re-polish with this service.

Acrylic Nail Extensions


Hard Gel Extension overlays are for soft, brittle, splitting, weak nails looking for an extension to promote growth and strength

(fills recommended every 2 weeks)

Express Manicure


Nail shaping, hand hydration, and buff or polish application.

Gel Polish Manicure


Cuticle detail, nail shaping , buff, Gel Polish application, hydrated relaxing hand massage

Natural Gel Overlay Manicure


Repair brittle, splitting, weak nails with Hard Gel overlays

(fills recommended every 2 weeks)

Removal Manicure


Acrylic/Gel soak off, cuticle detail, nail shaping, soothing hand massage, and polish/buff application

Signature Manicure


Cuticle detail, nail shaping, hydrated relaxing hand massage, buff or polish application

Medical Services
1 Service

Consultation Service


Consult about any medical or cosmetic needs with an available MNT.

5 Services

Athletic Pedicure (Fungal Treatment)


Fungal nails, Skin and Shoe treatment along with take home products for lasting results.
**fungal nails and skin treatment.

Always advised to seek Medical Podiatry treatment prior to service along with the suggested follow up products for proper routine foot care.

Diabetic Foot Care


No time for the Podiatrist? Let Footology's Medical Nail Technician's reduce calluses and trim toenails in our Spa for Medical Nail Treatments.

Express No Soak Pedicure


Nail shaping, foot hydration, buff or polish application

Meltdown Pedicure


Enjoy your very own extended SIgnature pedicure lieing back with warm neck pillow, listening to soothing earth sounds with an additonal amount of time relaxing tense muscles in both hands/arms as well as legs/feet in a warm paraffin hydrating mask.

Signature Pedicure


Rejuvenating warm foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle detailing, exfoliation treatment, callus smoothing, relaxing hydrated foot and lower leg massage, paraffin hydrating mask and buff or polish application

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