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Arthritis Manicure


The Essential Manicure with an extended massage that gently pulls all the joints in your hand through their full range of motion, followed by a deep-heating paraffin dip to increase circulation and joint mobility.As with all our services, your choice of polish or buff is included.

Essential Manicure


French Manicure


Gel polish mani


Spa Manicure


The Spa Pedicure adds a exfoliating sugar scrub to the Essential Manicure followed by a soothing moisturizing lotion applied to the arms and hands with an invigorating massage.

Ultimate Manicure


Take an Essential Manicure, add the sugar scrub of a Spa Manicure, then add a paraffin dip or hydrating hand mask to restore lost nutrients.A complimentary Baby Bottle of your polish color for touch-ups is included.

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Arthritis Pedicure


This pedicure includes everything that an Essential Pedicure has but adds an extended massage that gently pulls the joints through the full range of motion to decrease stiffness, and a warm deep-heating paraffin dip to increase circulation and joint mobility.This service also includes a free tube of Biofreeze ($12 value) to use between pedicures.

B - Essential Pedicure/No Polish


Chemotherapy Pedicure


We perform an Essential Pedicure but take extra care to reduce the chance of infection.We add tee tree oil in the whirlpool to soften and hydrate - tea tree has natural anti-fungal properties.We trim the toenails and leave a free edge to reduce skin damage.A beechwood stick is used to gently push back the cuticles to ensure not to break the skin.After a gently exfoliating scrub, a hydrating mask in applied followed by a gently massage.As with all pedicures, we finish with a buff or polish.

Diabetic Pedicure


Essential Pedicure


Mini Pedicure


Pamper Me Massage Pedicure


Take an Essential Pedicure, add the hydrating mask of a Spa Pedicure and then top it off with an extended foot & leg massage and then a paraffin dip of both feet.Your legs and feet will never feel more hydrated! You will also receive a complimentary baby bottle of polish for touching up your polish.

Reflexology Pedicure


In addition to the Essential Pedicure, reflexology a 15 minute session of controlled massage utilizing the ancient Chinese belief that all of the body is connected to the bottom of the feet, hands and earlobes.Not only will you enjoy the extended massage, your technician will provide you with a recap of what your extended foot massage reveals about other areas of your body.

Spa Pedicure


The Spa Pedicure includes all the services of an Essential Pedicure but with the addition of a hydrating foot mask and extended massage on the legs and feet with our deliciously hydrating all natural massage cream.


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