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$75 New Teen Lashes


Choose from Sweet Sixteen or Prom Queen! Must be 14-17 years old and bring a parent or guardian to sign the consent form. Valid ID is required

2D Volume 1-3 week fill


2D Volume 4-6 week fill


2D/3D Volume Lash Extensions


Choose between 2D or 3D Volume lashes for one set price of 165.00

3D Volume 1-3 week


3D Volume Eyelash Extensions: 200-300 Eyelash Extensions (Triple the fullness) Super light fluffy lashes creating a fuller dark lash look

3D Volume 4-6 week


Brow Tinting


Classic 1 week fill


Classic 2 week fill


Classic 3 week fill


Classic 4 week fill


Classic Eyelash Extensions


Choose between 3 fabulous looks for one set price.
Shy Girl, Queen Bee, or Video Vixen

Flirty Girl Hybrid 1-2 week fill


Flirty Girl Hybrid 3-4 week fill


Hybrid fills are only for a full set of hybrid lash extensions.

Flirty Girl Hybrid 4-5 week fill


Hybrid fills are only for a full set of hybrid lash extensions.

Flirty Girl Hybrid Lashes


Flirty Girl Signature Hybrid Lashes is a custom mixture of fluffy volume and classic lashes. Get the best of both worlds with these beauties.

Lash + Brow Tinting


Lash Lift + Tint


Lash Removal


Lash Tinting


New Teen Lash Looks


For teens 14-17 years old. Must have parents sign our waiver and provide ID at the time of service.

Siberian Mink 1 week fill


Siberian Mink 2 week fill


Siberian Mink 3 week fill


Siberian Mink 4 week fill


Siberian Mink Eyelash Extensions


Real mink eyelash extensions and cruetly free. Siberian mink lashes are softer and more flexible than synthetic lashes.Taking high-end glamour to the next level.


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4 Reviews

  • Marie is a fantastic eyelash extension expert! She is thorough, understands balance, and shape and how lashes accentuate the face's overall shape ...
  • Marie is just the best - so sweet, so thorough and a perfectionist at her work. I get so many compliments! I would never dream of going anywhere el...
  • Beautiful facility. Very relaxing and quick