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30 minute teeth whitening treatment


Laser Lipo – First Treatment


We will give you a Consultation and Evaluation of your particular needs. We will show you how our service can benefit you. You will experience your first Flash Fat Loss session utilizing the famous Strawberry Laser Lipo Machine as seen on Rachel Ray and The Doctors, and the cost to you is just $99 You will lose inches in your very first session. There is no obligation to buy anything. This takes 60 – 90 minutes to fill out the paperwork, receive thetreatment, experience the Whole Body Vibration Machine, and make sure all of your needs are considered. There is no pain and no recovery time. You will go back to your daily activities feeling energized.

Laser Lipo – Treatment # 2-9

You will be measured, weighed, receive the Flash Fat Loss treatment utilizing the famous Strawberry Laser Lipo Machine as seen on Rachel Ray and The Doctors. and exercise on the Whole Body Vibration Machine. You will be free to go after about 35 minutes. You will return to your daily activities feeling energized. The cost is a package price that includes another 8 sessions in addition to your first session.

Teeth Whitening for current clients

If you bought your kit after your treatment please book here

Total body vibration


Ultra Cellulite Removal

When you arrive for your iLipo Ultra treatment, you’ll get comfortable in one of our private rooms. The technician will apply the iLipo Ultra hand piece with the red laser and the infrared laser and activate these lasers. After a short treatment period with the two lasers, the technician will begin administering the vacuum massage, lifting skin while applying the vacuum to deepen the penetration of the laser, stimulate the lymphatic system, and encourage the breakdown and removal of fat. This pain free, non-invasive treatment lasts about 30 minutes, and you will be able to go back to your regular day immediately.

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Spa & Massage

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  • I would recommend the procedure and they provide a wonderful and caring atmosphere.
  • When I finish first series I will be happy to
  • Staff is always pleasant, responsive and patient. They always make me feel welcomed. Flash Sauna is great, really takes care of post workout so...