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  • Amazing hot yoga, clean studio, professional instructors
  • Just a lovely way to get fit, stretch & relax at the same time!
  • Enjoyed the class
  • So far has been a great experience. Great instructors, very helpful. Thank you!!!
  • I love all the classes, strengthening, and calming in the same time.
  • great classes, beautiful space, and friendly staff. My only big complaint is the smell in the room is horrible...I thought your filtration and ventillation system would work better to clean the air, but I think you need to wash the floors and walls more as the stench hangs on the walls and the sticky floor especially in the far end window walls and corner where mirrors meet windows. Also maybe a reminder, especially to the men, to wear deodorant to class as a consideration to fellow students. It is unpleasant and distracting sometimes when the smells are really bad.