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Eyelash Extension Training (Part 1 + 2) Beginners

Full Service Lash Fil


If you come within 35 days of your last appointment We’ll Clean, Sanitize, Straighten out, tighten, and remove unhappy lashes. Then, add fill you up to your initial set purchased.

Full Set


Our Fembotika Lash Techs are specially picked from many estheticians, nail technicians, makeup artists, and other amazing individuals who are determined to raise the bar for lash longevity. No class has more than 2 students and not everyone gets to work on the floor. We take our time providing the healthiest set of lash extensions to each customer



Lash Lift - Semi Permanent Curl of your existing lashes. The curl will last as long asyour natrual lash life.

Mini fill (30 LPE)


We’ll clean, sanitize and straighten out lashes you currently have on and add a mini fill top up of 30 lashes per eye (or more).

Are your eyes on the smaller side? Maybe this is all you need!

Removals for Lashes Done by Others


Did you have an extremely bad job done else were and need it removed? if so, book here.

If not, please send us an email of your current state of lashes, if they're not bad. we can remove them as lashes done by us! for half the price!

Removals for Lashes by Fembotika


z Lashes with Colleen


To Book an appointment with Colleen :
Please view price list on website.
Bookings by Referral, Email Request, or Last min phone calls if something becomes available.


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