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Intro to Fast Track

This meeting will be to allow you to find out more of who Fast Track is and what we provide.

Monthly Meeting

This meeting should be used if you are one of our existing clients where we have meetings monthly to discuss all actions from the previous month and the plan for the next.

Follow up talk

Book this time to follow up from a previous discussion.

Product Demo

This meeting should be booked if you are interested in learning about one or more of our services/products.

Free Practice Analysis

We provide an initial free practice analysis. We will go through the findings of the analysis and any recommendations we have.

Marketing Proposal

Book this meeting if you would like to have a custom proposal built for your practice.

ASCRS Marketing Meeting

Reserve your time to talk about marketing while at ASCRS. This could be to demo one of our proven programs, look at a marketing plan to build a segment of your practice or just learn more about us.


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