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Initial Consultation - In-Person

Wonderful! Just let me know your favorite place to meet in the notes. I look forward to meeting with you.

Initial Consultation - By Phone

Let's chat! Pick your best day and time here and I'll get started reviewing your company's online presence. I'll also send you a brief questionnaire about you and your brand/business to get to know you better. Talk soon!

Kick-Off Meeting - By Phone (New Clients)

This is our first Kick-Off Meeting to go over what we discussed at our first consultation, narrow goals, fine tune our action plan and set subsequent meetings.

Kick-Off Meeting - In Person (New Clients)

This is our first Kick-Off Meeting where we will go over our timeline, our priorities, who's doing what and how we will share information and progress.

Book a Photo Shoot

Choose this option to schedule your office, event or head shot photography session. Length is up to one hour, however booking length is two hours to allow for travel time.

WORK-Sesh (2 hours of crushing work together).

My most affordable option. We sit down side by side with our laptops and fix/do/create/learn/understand/tackle.... It WORKS (get it?) :) See you soon!

Email Clean-Up (Let me help you fix your inbox!)

Schedule a convenient time for us to conquer your email inbox together once and for all!!!

Get Together at Coffee Shop/Office

Phone Call

Set a phone call with Kim.

Intern Clock-In! - 2 Hours

Hey guys! Use this to pick your days/times! Go Team!

Intern Clock-In! - 3 Hours

Intern Clock-In! - 4 Hours


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