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  • Jesse is so helpful and positive and I am so cheap! ! LOL! I am glad she is a part of living plan. Her guidance is a blessing and she is tearing down my blocks a little bit at time to show me how things work so my finances will work for me. Thanks Jessential!
  • I am starting out on my own as a consultant and decided to book a meeting with Jesse. She had a lot of valuable information that really helped me to sit back and refine my direction and my goals. I will be much more effective in what I do going forward and would recommend Exceedia to anyone wanting to create or even improve their own business.
  • I initially met with Exceedia to get help with a small business. After speaking with Jesse and her team a number of times I realize that Exceedia is so much more than just business consulting. Jesse is extremely knowledgeable in regards to not only small businesses, but also personal finances. I highly recommend Exceedia if you are looking for a holistic approach to your business, that incorporates your personal finances to maximize the potential success of your business.
  • Jesse provided a great overview on all the different options and resources available to small business owners at her centre. She wants to see you succeed and it shows!
  • Jesse is always helpful. Are meeting went smoothly. She put my mind at ease. My investments are making money. I am happy.
  • Jesse was so generous on her time. She answered my questions clearly and I left feeling at eased about my financial situationšŸ˜Š


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