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Client Meetings - Jesse Vu
12 Services

1st Client FIT Meeting - Jesse Vu

2nd Client Meeting (Fact Finder) - Jesse Vu

3rd Client Meeting (Plan Presentation & Implementation) - Jesse Vu

4th Client Meeting (Plan Implementation & Applications) - Jesse Vu

Client Policy Delivery - Jesse Vu

Client Tax Assessment - Jesse Vu

Business Bookkeeping Meeting - Jesse Vu

Business Assessment Consultation - Jesse Vu

Business Start-Up Coaching Session - Jesse Vu

Client Annual Review Meeting - Jesse Vu

Client Meeting Request - 1 hour - Jesse Vu

Skype Meeting - Jesse Vu

Client Meetings - Caylie Szeto
5 Services

Client 1st Fit Meeting - Caylie Szeto

Client 2nd Meeting Factfinder - Caylie Szeto

Client 3rd Meeting Plan Presentation

Client Meeting 1 hour Request - Caylie Szeto

Skype Meeting - Caylie Szeto

Client Meetings - Russell Scantlebury
4 Services

Client 1st Fit Meeting - Russell Scantlebury

Client 2nd Meeting Factfinder - Russell Scantlebury

Client 3rd Meeting Plan Presentation - Russell Scantlebury

Skype Meeting - Russell Scantlebury

Professional Networking
4 Services

Professional Networking - Russell Scantlebury

Professional Networking - Caylie Szeto

Professional Networking - Jesse Vu

New Advisor Interview - Jesse Vu


Exceedia Consulting Ltd (Calgary)

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Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 9:00pm
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  • I have been Jesse's client for almost 10 years. I trust her advice with investments, goal setting and any financial advice I need.
  • Very meticulous, customer oriented, Exceedia where is you always benefit