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Vaginal Rejuvination


Viveve Radio Frequency Device used to treat urinary incontinence, painful intercourse, loss of vaginal lubrication, decrease in sexual stimulation or orgasm. 40 min appointment. Pain free, comfortable, quick, and you may return to normal activities immediately. No downtime!
$2999 for sexual function and mild incontinence treatment.
$3999 for sexual function and moderate incontinence treatment.

External Vaginal Rejuvenation


Gives your labia a tighter and more youthful appearance.

OMG Shot


Using your own PRP to enhance sexual sensation, lubrication, and orgasms.
$595 alone, or $250 when purchased at time of Vaginal Rejuvenation and used within 365 days.

2 Services

Follow Up Appointment

Follow up appointment following certain procedures.

New Patient Complimentary Consultation

Come in for a free consultation to chat with us about any of our services that you are interested in.

1 Service

Eyebrow Tint


Darken your brows to bring out those gorgeous eyes!

6 Services

30 Minute Touch Up


Mini fill. Lashes will be placed for 30 min in areas needed as touch up.

60 Minute Fill


60 minutes of lash application. recommended around 2 weeks after last fill or full set placement

90 Minute Fill


90 minutes Lash Fill for those not quite needed a new set, but needing a more extensive fill.

Eyelash Tint


Darken your lashes for a natural look!

Lash Extensions- FULL SET


Your lashes will look gorgeous. No need for mascara, you will look fantastic just out of the pool, or just out of bed! Classic $150

Lash and Brow Tint Combo


Save when your pair your lash tint in the same appointment as your brow tint!

7 Services

Botox- Existing Client


Number of units varies based on client and RN discretion
0-29 units $13.75/unit
30-39 units $13/unit
40+ units $12/unit

Botox-New Client


For new clients, this includes a consult as well as your Botox treatment.
We offer BOTOX Cosmetic at $13.75 per unit for 1-29 units, $13 for 30-39 units, and $12 for 40 or more units.
Dysport is offered starting at $4.25 per unit.
The number of units needed will be determined by both you and your Aesthetic Nurse at the time of the appointment.



Type of filler and number of syringes used to be determine by you and your Aesthetic Nurse at time of appointment.
Restylane Lyft $600 per syringe
Restylane $560 per syringe
Restylane Silk $600 per syringe
Defyne and Refyne $700 per syringe
Juviderm Ultra $650 per syringe
Juviderm Ultra xc $650 per syringe
Voluma $975 per syringe
Volbella $500 per syringe

Kybella, fat tissue reduction


Permanently Reduce that under chin tissue in 2-6 treatments! 1 vial $650, 2 vials $1250, 3 vials $1800 Number of treatments and vials per treatment to be determined by the patient and Aesthetics Nurse during the appointment.
Can also be used for bra strap bulge, small belly bulge, jowls, and more!

PRP Injections


PRP can be used in place of filler to enhance cheeks, fill lines, etc It can also be used under the eyes to fill in dark circles, or in deep lines or scars. Builds collagen naturally with your own blood sample. $495 for the first area, and $100 each additional area treated in the same appointment. Please note number of areas when booking.

Peel Off All-Over Mask


ALGAE PEEL-OFF Facial Masks Developed and continuously improved by CASMARA since 1979. High technology cosmetics formulated with seaweed extracts that provides a powerful hydrating effect, along with diverse active ingredients, different on every mask. We offer a varied collection that meets the needs of every type of skin condition. The pioneering Algae Peel-Off Facial Mask creates a light and pleasant pressure over the area applied, helping the penetration of the active ingredients applied during treatment as well as those inherent in the mask. It is possible to apply the mask over the eyes and lips, reaching areas other products fail to reach! A high technology cosmetic which lowers the temperature of your skin by up to 10ºF providing an anti edema drainage effect, reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes in addition to firming and toning the skin. Algae Peel-Off facial mask is an exclusive and innovative way to treat your skin.

SkinMedica Peels


Three levels of peel for every skin type! Illuminize $129 Vitalize $190 Rejuvenize $229

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24kt Gold Facial


This luxurious twist on the classic facial uses a 24kt gold mask as well as 24kt gold oil to assist in skin tightening and anti aging. Get all the benefits of the classic facial with a golden twist.

AQUAGOLD Red Carpet Facial


Get that red carpet glow, smooth out fine lines, decrease pore size, and do it all with NO DOWNTIME!This device delivers products such as dermal filers, Botox, Dysport, PRP and Vitamins into the skin using 24 karat gold needles. With NO BRUISING!

Classic Facial


The perfect maintenance facial utilizing medical grade serums, masks, scrubs, cleanser, and moisturizers along with facial massage for relaxation and lymph drainage.



This manual exfoliation of the skin removes the top dead layer of skin as well as any peach fuzz, allowing your serums to penetrate deeper and your makeup to go on smoother. Your skin will look refreshed and glowing and will feel incredibly smooth. $130 Dermaplaning Facial $50 as an add on to any facial ** Safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women**

Diamond Tip Facial


The Dermal Infusion SP3 provides an incredible facial for all skin types. Microdermabrasion with real diamonds Extraction of oils, dirt, debris, blackheads, whiteheads, smoke, etc with pneumatic pressure Infusion of 1 of 4 serums customized for your skin and skin goals, deep into the dermal-epidermal junction! No downtime, just glowing beautiful skin! Also available for body treatments as add on's to a facial or alone. Call or email for pricing on body treatments based on area.

Gentleman's Facial


This incredible facial is tailored to a man's needs and can be adjusted based on skin type. Please make sure to also select any add-on's you would like so we can block out ample time.

Luxury Facial


This incredible facial that is adjusted to fit each patient's skin needs, utilizes dermal infusion or dermaplaning for microdermabrasion, hydration, and extractio...serums particular to the patient, Casmara all-over masks that can treat even the lips and upper eyelids, hand treatment, and lip treatment. Your skin will be glowing and healthy. Please be sure to also select any add-on's you would like so we can block ample time for your treatment.



Microneedling done with Hyaluronic Acid

Microneedling Facial with EGF


Microneedling with Skin Medica TNS Recovery Serum.

Microneedling Facial with PRP


Also known as the "Vampire Facial"Helps to build collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, scars, pore size and more.

Pregnancy Facial


The perfect facial for the mama or mama-to-be. Using only products that are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, this facial will leave you relaxed and your skin glowing. Hand treatment included with facial for ultimate relaxation. Please select any add-on's you would like, so we can block ample time for your treatment.

Skin Clearing Facial


Perfect for the acne prone client, this facial includes painless extractions, BT Micro Current, deep pore cleansing, and the pore cleansing Casmara all over peel off mask. Your skin will feel clean and beautiful.

Hair Care
2 Services

Hair Restoration with PRP


ALL Natural! Using your own platelets naturally reverse the hair loss process.Recommend 5 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart and then a single treatment periodically for upkeep.

Hair Restoration Spot Treatment


For a dime sized area.

Skin Care
2 Services

Plasma Pen Skin Tightening- Small Area



Starts at $300
Small areas include:
brow lift, eyes, lips, frown lines, etc
See for full description of procedure and full price list

Plasma Pen Skin Tightening-Large area/Multiple areas



Starts at $600
Large areas include:
neck, chest, arms, abdomen, full face, etc
Please see for full description and price list

Wellness or Integrative
1 Service

B12 Fat Burning Energy Shot


Turn on your body's fat burning and use it for energy. This injection will help stop that mid day slump and keep you moving and your body burning fat throughout the day. May be given as frequently as once per week.

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