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  • Hands down the best massage I have ever had in the Tri-Cities. The experience was intuitive, thoughtful and extremely relaxing - which I have a hard time doing. And even though Matt worked me over, it wasn't painful, or should I say, "It hurt so good." I'll definitely be back many more times.
  • I don't typically treat myself to massages, but when I do I go to Mathew. He's burly enough to get the job done right but sensitive enough not to push too far. A very good experience overall.
  • Y but I'm swamped and have no time
  • Great massage as always with Mathew!
  • You can tell that Matthew enjoys what he does. He has the ability to read his clients and provides a calm and welcoming area.
  • Matthew was great! Just the right amount of pressure to ease those aching muscles!
  • I enter massage room with a headhache without saying a thing ealk without it!! Love when you get into the massage bed eas nice and warm
  • A very relaxing and inviting office. Matthew provided a relaxing massage with enough pressure to work out the sore muscles, but not too much that I was sore the next day.
  • Matt was excellent! I hadn't gotten a massage since high school and he made me feel 100% comfortable. Before starting he asked me what my goals were and made sure that while he was massaging he was firm enough for me (because that's what I wanted). The room and sheets were very clean and the music choice was relaxing! I highly recommend!
  • Always come out feeling like anew person.


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