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  • Emily was awesome. She really hit the problem areas as far as where my pain was and I've slept better after that. :)
  • Emily was great! She was very thorough and ensured I had a relaxing experience.
  • My EBB experience was FANTASTIC! Emily was great and I felt completely comfortable and relaxed. They room mood was set perfectly even down to the ceiling tile that made me feel like I was laying in a forest and looking up at beautiful trees! Since I'm 6 months pregnant, the prenatal stuff was amazing! I was able to be face down on the preggo-friendly "wedge." I woke up the morning after feeling refreshed and had a little more pep in my step! I definitely recommend EBB to pregnant women and I plan on going back after the birth.
  • Emily is wonderful to work with and really listens to concerns about problem areas. She is also very knowledgeable about how the body works. For instance, even though you may have pain in one area she will work on complementing areas to address the problem.
  • If anyone is looking for personalized and professional service, Essential Balanced Bodywork is the best for you. I would never go anywhere else. Emily's knowledge along with her ability to explain things creates an experience that can't be matched.
  • I enjoyed my visit as the massage definitely allowed me to feel completely relaxed. It was an extremely nice place and I felt real comfortable with Michael ashe provided a great consultation prior to the massage explaining his methods and his plan of treatment for me.
  • I had a massage with Emily yesterday I went in with neck and shoulder pain. I left with no pain and feel better than I have in two months. Not your average massage. Way better!
  • Michael is a phenomenal massage therapist. I had several issues going on when I started seeing him and all of them but a few aches and pains from normal day stuff is resolved. I highly recommend him.
  • Couldn't turn my head from side to side because of stiffness and I did the RoelsMethod for three weeks and now I am fine! Recommend then highly.
  • Exceptional service, and professional/knowledgeable staff.


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