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1 Service

Consult- Cool Sculpting

2 Services



Teeth Whitening- NON PEROXIDE


1 Service

Consult- Skin


Full deposit is fully redeemable for service with Marti or on Obagi/Glymed products

6 Services

Eye Lash Classic Extensions- Fill in


Eye Lash Classic Extensions- Full Set


Eyelash- Strip Lash Application


Application fee only

Strip Lash Application


Volumizing Eye Lash Extensions- Fill in


Volumizing Eye Lash Extensions- Full Set


13 Services

Acne Facial


Using OBAGI Clenziderm

Cleansing- European Facial


Dermaplane with European Facial (female)


Hydrafacial- Acne


15 or 30% glysol
and blue light

Hydrafacial- Anti-Aging


Spot treat with Dermabuilder

Hydrafacial- Basic


Hydrafacial- Pigment Correction


Spot treat with Britenol

Hydrafacial- Premium Anti-Aging


CTGF (stem cells) and red light



Dermaplane with Basic Hydrafacial

NuFACE Trinity, Facial Trainer and Wrinkle Reducer- with mini facial


The NuFACE treatment is a facial toning and red light therapy device to help rejuvenate and improve your facial appearance. It is FDA approved for facial stimulation using a microcurrent therapy. It gently stimulates the larger surface areas of the face and is clinically tested for improved facial contour, improve skin tone and offers wrinkle reduction.

OBAGI Anti-Aging Facial


Pumpkin Chocolate Mud Facial


Fall into Autumn Special......
Enjoy a cleansing, soothing, yummy facial will our fall favorites from ILKIE and Farm House Fresh Organic products

Teen Facial


A perfect start to your teen's skin care program- experience a cleansing facial with education about the beginnings of skin care for that growing adolescent. Our Esthetician will review the basics of skin care and common skin issues.
Ask about specials on our OBAGI 360 or Clenziderm skin care set that can compliment this Teen facial.

Hair Care
10 Services







B3 Demi Deep Conditioning Treatment


Deep Conditioning treatment with Blow Out

B3 Demi Deep Conditioning Treatment and cut


Deep Conditioning Treatment with Cut



Starts at $175, add an additional $20 for gloss



Starts at $225 and add additional $20 for gloss / Olaplex $30






$45.00 and up

Hair Removal
15 Services

Laser Hair Removal - Full Face


Laser Hair Removal- Abdomen


Laser Hair Removal- Back


from shoulders to pant line region.
does not include axilla or buttocks.
*price subject to change dependent on area to be treated.

Laser Hair Removal- Bikini


Laser Hair Removal- Brazilian


Laser Hair Removal- Chest


Laser Hair Removal- Chin only


Laser Hair Removal- Full Arms


Laser Hair Removal- Full Legs


front and back of both legs included- from above the knee to top of thighs.
Does not include bikini/buttocks.
*price subject to change dependent on size and area needing to be addressed.

Laser Hair Removal- Lip only


Laser Hair Removal- Lip/Chin


Laser Hair Removal- Lower Arms


Laser Hair Removal- Lower Legs


Laser Hair Removal- Neck- front and back (men)


Laser Hair Removal- Underarms


1 Service



Laser Treatments
4 Services

Clear & Brilliant- Arms (not hands)


Clear & Brilliant- Face


Known as a baby fraxel, A wonderful Laser treatment that offers pigment and texture correction with little to no social downtime. Amazing results, cost effective and treatments can be performed every 3-4 weeks.
Recommend 3-6 treatments

Clear & Brilliant- Face and Neck


Clear & Brilliant- Face, Neck, Chest


5 Services

Manicure- Basic Spa for children @12 and under


A Basic Spa Manicure for your little ones to enjoy some pampering too! Lacquer polish applied to nails if desired

Manicure- Basic Spa with Gel Polish


Manicure- Basic Spa with Lacquer Polish


Pampering begins with an aromatherapy soak of the hands, followed by nail and cuticle shaping and nourishment with application of a organic moisturizer. Completed with your choice of OPI Laquer. OPI Gel polish is available for an additional fee.

Manicure- Deluxe Spa with Gel Polish


Manicure- Deluxe Spa with Lacquer Polish


Your experience will begin with an aromatherapy hand soak. Next, nail and cuticle shaping to achieve the perfect look. Hands will be exfoliated with an organic scrub, followed by an application of organic moisturizers and steam towels to lock in hydration. Your hands will then be pampered with a therapeutic massage and finished with an OPI Laquer polish. Gel polish is available for an additional fee.

3 Services

Deep Tissue Massage


A step beyond the basic massage, experience the rejuvenating effects of a deep tissue massage. This intense indulgence helps restore body alignment and range of motion by focusing on the deeper layer of muscle tissue.
Aromatherapy of your choice will be offered at no additional fee.

Hot Stone Massage


The relaxing massage harnesses the restorative power of thermotherapy. Direct application of warm stones and hands carefully and effectively penetrates the muscles.
Aromatherapy of your choice will be offered at no additional fee.

Swedish Massage


This massage uses light and moderate pressure, while promoting relaxation, enhancing circulation, relieving muscle pain and tension and improving flexibility.
An aromatherapy scent of your choice will be offered an no additional fee.

6 Services

Pedicure- Basic Spa for kids @ 12 and under


A Basic Spa Pedicure for children to experience a little pampering to their feet and toes. Lacquer Polish to nails included if desired.

Pedicure- Basic Spa with Gel Polish


Pedicure- Basic Spa with Lacquer Polish


Pampering begins with cleansing in a hot whirlpool with aromatherapy just for the feet, followed by nail and cuticle shaping and nourishment with an organic moisturizer application. Completed with an application of OPI Nail Laquer. OPI Gel Polish for an additional fee.

Pedicure- Deluxe Spa with Gel Polish


Your journey will begin with an aromatherapy foot soak in our hot whirlpool tub. Next, Nail and cuticle shaping followed by any necessary callus treatment to achieve soft, nourished feet. Organic exfoliants and moisturizers will be applied to soothe and revitalize tired feet and legs. A hot steam towel will be applied to lock in hydration. A therapeutic massage of the feet and legs will ease your tension away. This is the ultimate pedicure for any man or woman. OPI Gel Polish will be applied.

Pedicure- Deluxe Spa with Lacquer




2 Services

Exfoliant with Shower- Prior to Spray Tan


Allows you to shower/exfoliate prior to your spray tan

Spray Tan


17 Services

Half Face


Wax - Brows


Wax- Bikini


Wax- Brazilian


Wax- Chest/Abdomen


Wax- Ears


Wax- Full Arms


Wax- Full Back


Wax- Full Face


Wax- Full Legs


Wax- Half Arms


Wax- Half Legs


Wax- Lip & Brow


Wax- Nose


Wax- Underarm


Wax- Upper Lip


Waxing - Chin Only


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