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Stop Time Wasting and use Science for Social Selling
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Stop Time Wasting -Social Networking Support

You can book an 15 min appointment with a digital coach. This coaching is over the phone and is to help you apply the science of Pre-suasion to social selling

Servest - Social Selling
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Talk to a digital coach about your social selling accounts

Following the Social Selling Training at Hoarcross, you have access to a digital coach who can help you understand how Educated Change can to help you use social selling to do business development using your LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or other social profiles. - THIS COACHING is over the phone for 15 min at no charge.

You can click the link and choose a time that works for your schedule.

Book Appointment with a Partner
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Peter Klein

If you have a question about what we do or would like to ask a question about our products or services, book some time to talk to one of our Digital Coaches or Partners.

People Science
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Using People Science at your internal or external event

Understand how to set up Engineered Networking and purpose driven communication for people that want more than serendipity in their relationships when they attend your event.


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