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  • It was my first time taking a rowing class ! I felt comfortable with the fact that for the first three minutes of class we went through form, it's so important and so many studios never review this. It was a difficult class but in the best way possible. Sore in all the right places. ☺️
  • Great all body workout , fun , energetic , different ,
  • Experienced Row 50 for the first time and it was amazzzzzing! Great full body workout and Christie was a fantastic instructor. I'll be back for sure!
  • The facility was extremely updated and modern. The instructor was amazing and super friendly. She provided a lot of instruction, especially since I was a beginner. It was an amazing workout, and although I couldn’t make it through the full 50 minutes I will definitely be back!
  • Unique full body workout with both cardio and strength. I’m sore the next day in a very good way!
  • I loved the instruction , pace and variety of exercise. Great staff and beautiful facility
  • Beautiful machines, great instructor and an excellent workout. The staff is friendly and accommodating. I bought a 10 pack, and it’s a great value.
  • Love he class