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Signature Relaxation Massage


A gentle massage incorporating smooth strokes and light pressure to aid in relaxing tired muscles.

Swedish Massage


A relaxing massage using Traditional long smooth strokes to induce relaxation. Add a complimentary spa treatment to your session. Choose an Essential Oil or a Warm Neck Wrap or a Warm Towel.

Therapeutic Massage


Wellness or Integrative
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Craniosacral Therapy


Gentle techniques applied to the skull, spinal column and sacrum(tailbone) to decompress and relieve stress in these areas. Very light therapy, requires no oil/lotion and guests remain clothed.

Deep Tissue Therapy


Techniques that address the deeper layers of muscle tissue.

Facial Detox Treatment


Enhance your massage session with a soothing Facial Detox Treatment incorporating warm steam and your choice of aromatherapy.

Hand & Feet Reflexology


Techniques that address reflex points on the feet that are believed to have referral effects on all systems in the body.

Massage for Respite Care


Donate a session for a caregiver who iscaring for a loved one!
Thank you for your support!

Myofascial Release


Techniques and dimensional movement applied to specific areas to release muscle and tissue contractions and adhesions.

Structural Integration


Structural Integration is a form of unique bodywork that restructures the physical body by organizing the body’s fascia.


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