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$0 Botox Filler Consult
5 Services

Botox & Filler Consult Only

Botox Consult Only

Dermal Filler Consult Only

Belkyra Chin Fat Consult Only

Botox Underarm Consult

$0 Skin or Laser Consults
3 Services

Skin Care Consult

Laser Consult

Camouflage for Scar/Stretch Marks Consult

Botox or Filler Treatments
12 Services




FILLER 1st Appt: Lips



Ther. Bruxism Botox Tx New Patient

FILLER 1st Appt: Cheeks

FILLER 1st Appt: Under Eye Area


FILLER 1st Appt: Lower Face

Therap. Botox Underarms


Brows & Wax & Tints
8 Services

Microblading Annual Touch Up


1 Free Brow Consultation

Micro-Blading 1st Treatment


Microblading 2nd Treatment


Brow Tint


Lash Tint


Wax Brows


Wax Upper Lip


1 Service



HydraFacial Treatments
21 Services

01 HydraFacial- Deluxe (45 mins)


01 HydraFacial- Platinum (60 mins)


01 HydraFacial- Signature (30 mins)


Back Clarifying Tx (Alone)


Back Clarifying Tx Add on to Facial


Back LED Light - Blue Add on to Facial


Back LED Light -Blue (Alone)


Back Signature Tx (Alone)


Back Signature Tx Add On to Facial


LED Light Therapy Face (Alone)


LED Light Therapy Face Add on to Facial


Neck & Decollete (Alone)


Neck & Decollete Add On to Facial


Perk Lip Tx Only


Perk Under Eye Tx Only


Sig. HydraFacial & Perk Lip Tx


Sig. HydraFacial - Perk Lip&Eye Tx


Sig. Hydrafacial & Perk Eye Tx


01 Upgrade Deluxe (GlowGetters)


01 Upgrade Platinum (Glow Getters)


01 Keravive Scalp & Hair Treatment


Laser Hair Removal
3 Services

1 Area Hair Removal

2 Areas Hair Removal

3 Areas Hair Removal or Large Area

Laser Photo Facial
2 Services

Laser Photo Facial


Eye Area Only Photofacial

Laser Redness Treatment
1 Service

Diffuse Redness Tx Starts at $50

Laser Sun or Vein Treatment
2 Services

Laser Sun Spot Tx starts $50

Vein Treatment Starts $50

Pico Resolve Wrinkles/Acne
6 Services

Eye Area Resolve


Full Face Resolve


Full Face & Neck


Hands Resolve


1/2 Face Upper or Lower Resolve


Neck Only Resolve


PicoWay Tattoo Removal
2 Services

PicoWay Tattoo Removal (60min)

PicoWay Tattoo Removal (45min)

PicoWay Benign Lesion Tx
1 Service

PicoWay Benign Lesion Treatment (starts $100.00)

Scar/Mic. Ndle/Stretch Mark
4 Services

Micro-needling Facial Treatment


Scar/ Stretch Mark Camo SM Area

Scar Softening w/ Microneedling

Scar/ Stretch Mark Camo LG Area

Skin: Acne Facials
6 Services

Alumier MD Refining Clay Treatment


Express Medi-Facial Acne Treatment


Glow Peel Acne Treatment


Luxurious Medi-Facial Acne Treatment


Oil Control: BHA 20 Resurfacing Peel


Renew 20/10 Resurfacing Peel


Skin: Anti-Aging Facials
5 Services

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Duo Treatment


Express Medi-Facial: Anti-Aging (no peel)


Glow Peel: All the Things Anti-Aging


Luxurious Medi-Facial Anti-Aging


Renew 30 - 30% Lactic Acid Peel


Skin: Dark Spot Facials
3 Services

Express Medi-Facial Hyperpigmentation


Glow Peel: All the Things Hyperpigmentation


Luxurious Medi-Facial Hyperpigmentation


Skin: Sensitive Facials
2 Services

Express Medi-Facial Sensitive


Luxurious Medi-Facial Sensitive



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