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Body Services
2 Services

Consultation for Inches Gone Body Contouring treatment

Consultation for our latest skin tightening, muscle toning, fat and cellulite reducing, anti-sagging and stretch mark treatment

Deep Tissue Massage


Deep Tissue Massage

2 Services

Consultation with Dermatologist


Consultations for skin, hair and nail problems

Fountain of Youth Consultation

8 Services

Acne facial


A special cleasning of the skin, steaming and treatment for acne. Extractions are done only where necessary.

Aromatherapy facial


Essential oils are added to the D'SPA facial according to the skin type

Back treatment


A special treatment of the back in which blackheads can be extracted and other treatments based on the skin's condition

Chest treatment


D'SPA facial


A basic cleansing of the face and neck involving exfoliatiin, steaming, extracting and masking

Refresher mini facial


A special cleanse and then exfoliation to freshen up dull looking skin

Teens' acne facial


Acne facial for teens

Upper back treatment


5 Services

Anti-stress massage


A half hour neck, upper back and shoulder massage

Aromatherapy massage


A one hour full body massage with aromatherapy oils to relieve certain aches, pains and fatigue

Foot massage


A therapeutic massage of both feet (ankles to toes)

Head and neck massage


A therapeutiv massage of the head and neck

Swedish (full body) massage


A one hour full body massage using medium pressure to relieve aches, aid circulation and relax you

Medical Spa Treatments
8 Services

Laser Consultation

Laser consultation explains our laser treatments and offers you a free test to experience our laser and select the best treatment settings for your skin type.

Multiderm Microdermabrasion (body)


Multiderm Microdermabrasion (face & neck/chest/hands/feet)


Multiderm Microdermabrasion (face/shoulders/elbows/heels)


Gentle physical removal of dead skin cells while skin is massaged with soft metal paddles. Paddles are not shared between individuals. Treatment is followed by infusion of creams using the reverse side of the paddle. Great for rough skin, acne, razor bumps and pre laser treatments.

Multiderm microdermabrasion (arms/forearms)


Multiderm microdermabrasion (back/abdomen, buttock)


Multiderm microdermabrasion (legs)


Multiderm microdermabrasion (thighs)


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