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  • Instructor was helpful, gave good directions! Good environment for group exercise, friendly and supportive.
  • Lori's hands on corrections and slow, clear instructions, pointing out the relevant body areas and muscles so I know what to activate is a 10 of 10. Grateful for such a skilled instructor, and friendly studio overall.
  • Instructors and atmosphere are top notch!
  • Michele was very nice and flexible and allowed a second person to join the appointment last minute. She did a great intro to Pilates and told me some things I had not learned in two years of Pilates.
  • I just took my first class and everyone was very welcoming. I was greeted by almost every employee there. The instructor was very attentive and was always giving suggestions on how to modify the move if it was too difficult. Can't wait to come back!
  • Great instructors and convenient location
  • The quality of trainers and classes; The reformer classes are small; people of all ages welcome; slightly exclusive feel -- as in, that it's not a Lifetime or Anytime Fitness, which I seriously hate those gyms.
  • Because DY is great! Always a good workout, always good teachers!