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1st Time Cryoskin Consultation & Treatment - Anti-Aging Facial


Consultation and treatment for Anti-Aging Facial.

A Cryoskin Anti-Aging facial is targeted toward natural reduction of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen in the face and lips while also improving irregular skin conditions and disorders.

1st Time Cryoskin Consultation & Treatment - Cryo-Slimming (28 min)


Consultation & treatment for a 28 min Cryo-Slimming session.

Cryo-Slimming is targeted toward fat reduction and removal non-invasively from the waist, arms, legs and back.
You can only do 1 slimming session per 15 days.

Guaranteed results after first treatment or money back!

1st Time Cryoskin Consultation & Treatment - Cryo-Toning


Consultation & treatment for a 20 min Cryo-Toning session.

Cryo-toning is targeted toward cellulite reduction/removal and natural tightening of loose skin.

Guaranteed results after 7 days or money back!

1st Time Cryoskin Consultation& Treatment - 40 min Cryo-Slimming


Consultation & treatment for a 40 min Cryo-Slimming session.

A 40 min Cryo-Slimming session is targeted toward reducing and removing fat non-invasively from the waist, arms, legs and back.
You can only do 1 slimming treatment per 15 days.

40 min slimming sessions are recommended for better results over a larger treatment area.

Guaranteed results or your money back!

40 min Cryo-Slimming


40 min treatment geared toward fat loss. Most effective treatment and great for larger areas like the abdomen
You can only do 1 slimming session per 15 days.

Anti-Aging Facial


20 minute Anti-Aging Facial using Cryoskin 2.0 machine

Cryo-Slimming (28 min)


28 minute service targeted toward fat loss
You can only do 1 slimming session per 15 days



20 min treatment targeted toward cellulite reduction or Facials

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1st Time Cryo Facial


By focusing on the face with our "Cryowand", inflammation and puffiness in the face is suppressed immediately and pores will appear much smaller. Combat fine lines and wrinkles with cold therapy treatments.

With repeated applications, the collagen benefit is apparent as the skin's elasticity is returned to an earlier, younger state by preserving the skin rather than invasive, abrasive or chemical applications.

1st Time Targeted Cryotherapy


10 min session & consultation on targeted cryotherapy

Targeted Cryotherapy is used to reduce arthritis, pain, inflammation, and swelling in specific areas of the body such as arms, legs, ankles, elbows etc. Unlike Whole Body Cryotherapy, Local Cryotherapy is comparable to "icing". 1 minute of targeted cryotherapy is equivalent to an hour of icing!
Also great for headache relief!

1st Time Whole Body Cryotherapy (New Customer)


Whole Body Cryotherapy takes place in the Titan Cryo Cabin, our state-of-the-art machine, which wraps a vortex of super-chilled nitrogen vapor around the entire body from feet to neck.

A cryo expert with provide an introductory experience to whole body cryotherapy. They will educate you on what cryotherapy is and how it works for you. A quick tour will be provided and a complimentary water after your first freeze :)

Your first Whole Body Cryotherapy session is included in the $20 first time consultation price.



15 minute Cryofacial session with our Cryowand

Includes décolleté, scalp and face

Oxygen/Aromatherapy Session


15 minute Oxygen/Aromatherapy session

Targeted/Local Cryotherapy


10 min targeted/local cryotherapy session with our Cryowand

Whole Body Cryotherapy


Whole body cryotherapy session

3 Services

1st Time Infrared Sauna Session


1st Time Infrared Sauna Session - 40 minutes

Infrared Heat Therapy


40 Minute Infrared Sauna Session

Member Infrared Sauna Session


Infrared Sauna Session - 40 Minutes

Wellness or Integrative
4 Services



Oxygen Bar and Aromatherapy

First Time NormaTec Compression Therapy (30 Minutes)


30 Minutes of Compression Therapy with NormaTec

Member Normatec Compression (30 minutes)


30 min compression therapy session with Normatec - member price

NormaTec Compression Therapy (30 Minutes)


30 Minutes of Compression Therapy with NormaTec

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