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5 Services

Anti-Aging Hydrafacial


Hydrafacial plus LED light


IV Vitainfusion Hydrafacial


IV Vitamin infusion and Hydrafacial administered at the same time.

IV Vitainfusion Hydrafacial plus antioxidant injection


IV Vitamin infusion and Hydrafacial administered simultaneously and followed by antioxidant injection

LED light for acne or rejuvenation


Medical Spa Treatments
2 Services

Microneedling with hyaluronic acid


vitamin D injection


Wellness or Integrative
9 Services



single session cryotherapy

Cryotherapy First Time


IV Hydration


IV Vitamin Infusion


Procedure will include placement of an intravenous catheter by a Registered Nurse and infusion of a Vitamin cocktail that is individually customized.

IV Vitamin infusion plus antioxidant injection


Local Cryotherapy ( one area)


Vitamin B complex injection


Vitamin B12 injection


weight loss vitamin injection


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