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The only way to FREEZE aging in its tracks! This Cryo-Facial is a true lunchtime facial with ZERO recovery time. In only 10 minutes, pore size drastically decreases due to the below zero temperatures, that is only applied to the scalp, face and neck. Clients will notice tighter, healthier skin for 24-48 hours after first treatment.

Local Body Cryotherapy


Not ready to submit your Whole Body to negative temperatures? Local Body Cryotherapy is your service of choice. This 5-10 minute session targets a specific area of the body that suffers from pain and inflammation. Clients will notice a decrease in swelling and inflammation almost immediately after a session.

PEMF Therapy (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field)


PEMF Therapy uses electromagnetic fields to deliver waves of energy to the human body, helping to normalize and improve the body's normal vital functions. These functions include oxygen uptake, bone/tissue healing, detoxification, nutrient absorption, and reduction of inflammation.

Salt Therapy (55 Minutes)


Please book your appointment on the hour. Although you are given other time options, we book our salt room appointments on the hour, every hour. If booked otherwise, your appointment is subject to change or cancellation.

When you book an appointment, you are reserving the whole room and the session is private. (Appointments only need to be booked under 1 name for multiple people) Number of seats varies per location. Note: Prices listed are Per Person.

Total Body Cryotherapy


FIRST TIME SPECIAL: $25! Total Body Cryotherapy is truly unlike ANY other therapy! After you step into our cryochamber, your whole body is exposed to cold temperatures for 2-3 minutes, causing your blood vessels to constrict and slowing the blood flow to the limbs. Once you step out, you immediately begin to feel the effects...blood circulation increases, flushing away any toxins with the help of inflammation-fighting proteins. Recovery is achieved quicker and with less effort. Metabolic rate rises and remains elevated after the cryo-session, helping the body to burn more calories! The body releases feel-good endorphins and opioids during the session, so you will often feel like you are radiating with positive energy! Visit our FAQ page on to answer your questions and concerns!


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