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Hair Color
6 Services

Beard Coloring


Quick, semi-permanent coloring for beards. For permanent color or any other requests, please call us to book (408) 214 6060 so that we can schedule the right amount of time.

Men's Color: Consultation

This is a complimentary consultation for new clients, or existing clients who are thinking of switching it up.

To book the actual color services (all over color, highlights, etc), please call us at (408) 214 6060 so that we can schedule the right service and amount of time based on your past visits.

Men's Gray Blending


Semi-permanent hair color for quick gray coverage. For permanent hair color or highlights, please call us to book at (408) 214 6060 so that we can schedule the right amount of time.

Mustache Coloring


Quick, semi-permanent color for mustache. For permanent color or other requests, call us at (408) 214 6060.

Sideburn Coloring


Quick, semi-permanent coloring for sideburns. For permanent color or any other request call us at (408) 214 6060.

Women's Color: Consultation

For existing clients who'd like to book color services (All Over Color, Highlights, Root Touch Up, Balayage or Ombres), please call the front desk at (408) 214 6060 to book so that we can schedule the right amount of time for you.

Complimentary consultation is for new clients, or existing clients who are thinking of switching it up. Photos of the desired outcome are helpful, and let your colorist know about your recent hair history. At the end of the consultation we will provide an estimate of cost and duration, and schedule the right services for you.

Hair Styling
3 Services

Men's Smoothing Treatment


This treatment smoothens and eliminates frizz from hair. Ideal for men with at least 2 inches of hair length. Cost may vary depending on hair length.

Women's Smoothing Treatment - Brazilian Blowout


Get smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine. This smoothing treatment is customizable - keep curls and lose frizz or achieve the smoothest result possible. It leaves no line of demarcation with new hair growth – so transition from Japanese straighteners, relaxers or other keratin treatments without worry. Treatment lasts up to 12 weeks. Price may be more depending on hair length and type.

Women's Styling: Wash & Blowout


Parties, dates, girls night out, or simply because? We've got you covered. Wash, blowdry and style. Extra long hair or certain styles may be priced extra (eg braids, extensions etc).

9 Services

Buzz Cut


Men's clipper cut, same length all over.

Father & Son Package


Men's Haircut for dad and Junior Haircut for son.

Junior Haircut (Under 12)


Cut and style for the little man, 12 years old and under.

Membership Haircut


Men's Signature Haircut for guests with active membership.

Men's Haircut


The standard men's haircut, elevated. HandCRAFTed haircut, shampoo and conditioning treatment, expert styling and a relaxing hot towel finish.

Senior Haircut (65+)


Men's Haircut for gentlemen 65 years and over. Sunday - Tuesday before 4PM.

Signature Men's Haircut


Our men's haircut, with the added upgrade of a relaxing 5 minute neck and shoulder massage.

Student Haircut (w/ ID Su-Tu before 4pm)


Men's Haircut on a college budget. Sunday - Tuesday before 4PM. Valid student ID required.

Women's Haircut


Women's Wash, Haircut and Style. Price starting from.

Men's Grooming
14 Services

Barber Beard Trim


Beard Trim with straight razor and hot towels.

Beard Deep Conditioning Treatment


Deep conditioning treatment for beards, with hot towels, award-winning deep conditioner and hydrating oil. Book it on its own, or add it to your haircut or beard trim for a relaxing experience.

Clipper Beard Trim


Beard Trim done with clippers, no straight razor.

Express Facial


Finish off your haircut with Anthony Skincare's Award-Winning Cleanser, Toner, Eye Cream and Moisturizer.

Facial Package


Facial treatment and Signature Haircut.

Facial Treatment


45 minute facial treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, mask and hydration with a relaxing neck, shoulder and scalp massage.

Head Shave


Straight Razor Shave for the head.



Includes cuticle treatment, hand mask and scrub with a relaxing hand and arm massage.

Manicure Package


Manicure and Signature Haircut

Mustache Trim


Scalp Treatment


An invigorating treatment to stimulate healthy hair growth and improve the health of your scalp. 

Scalp Treatment Package


Scalp Treatment and Signature Haircut.

Straight Razor Shave


Relaxing, traditional straight razor shave with hot lather and hot towels.

Straight Razor Shave Package


Straight Razor Shave and Signature Haircut.

5 Services

Ear Waxing


Eyebrow Waxing


Nose Waxing


Nose and Ear Waxing


Book both nose and ear waxing together and save $2.

Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Waxing


Book all 3 and save $3.


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