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4 Services

Area Cryotherapy 8-10 min


Area Cryostimulation session 10-12 min Lg area (Low Back, Shoulders, etc.

Cool It! Facial


Cool It Facial 10-12 min session

Cryo (Introductory Session)


First time Whole Body Cryotherapy Session

Spot Cryo 4-6 Min


6-8 Min Spot Treatment

3 Services

Cellulite/Body Shaping Massage


Deep Tissue smoothing massage incorporating Fascia Blaster, hot stones and Area Cryotherapy over areas of Cellulite and bound fascia.

Massage 1 Hr


60 Min Therapeutic Massage

Massage 1.5 Hr



Cool It! Cryotherapy and Massage

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12 Reviews

  • invigorating !
  • I'm finding it very helpful..... I'm looking forward to my next appointment
  • Any athlete or hard working person should consider investing in cryotherapy. I'm a MMA fighter who trains daily and gets bumps and bruises when tra...