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Diagnostics and Repair
3 Services

Vehicle Light Diagnostic Service (Check Engine Light / Brake Light - Etc.) - Drop Off

This service is for any dashboard light that illuminates during vehicle operation. Most likely, it will require an overnight diagnostic service, so please make arrangements for transportation at drop off with our service department. We offer shuttle services and loaner cars to get you where you need to go!

Vehicle Diagnostic (Noise, Vibration, or Other) - 15 Minute Consultation

This service is for a vehicle diagnostic if your vehicle is making noise, vibrating, or anything else. When you bring the vehicle in, we will go on a road test to verify your concern, and then have you leave the vehicle with us for the diagnostic and repair.

Previously Recommended Services - Drop Off

See something on your invoice that our service advisors explained to you at your last visit, and would like to get it done? Schedule in with us and we'll get you taken care of.

4 Services

Tire Replacement

Have your tires worn out, or had a blowout? Let us help you get new rubber to the road with new tires. We are made to order service on tires, usually next day delivery. We will set up a consultation on the tires and schedule you for an appointment that works for you.

Tire Plug / Repair - 30 Minute Window

Have a flat tire or a leaking tire? We can determine the cause and repair it for you!

Precision Vehicle Alignment

Need an alignment? We can help. An alignment keeps your vehicle's tires in great shape, and prevents tires from wearing prematurely. Steering wheel crooked? You may need an alignment. Come see us to find out more!

Tire Rotation - 30 Minute Window

This service is for a tire rotation. While you wait service available!

Preventative Maintenance
5 Services

Vehicle Health and Full Digital Multi Point Inspection - 2 Hour Window

Service includes a full vehicle health check-up including checking brakes, suspension, interior heating and air conditioning components, lights, engine and maintenance records, fuel and brake lines, tires and tire wear, drive belt, timing belt, differential and drive-line condition, all presented via a digital inspection report view-able online and saved for the life of your vehicle.

Circle Signature Blend Oil Change with Digital Multi Point Inspection - 2 Hour Window

Your oil and filter should be replaced every 3,000 miles if using a conventional or synthetic blend type oil. This oil and filter change is a SYNTHETIC BLEND oil and filter change, as well as a fluid top off, and tire rotation with a digital multi-point inspection.

Circle Signature Synthetic Oil Change with Digital Multi Point Inspection - 2 Hour Window

Your oil and filter should be replaced every 3,000 miles if over 100K miles, is of European make and model, or if it has a history of consuming or leaking oil, even if it is full synthetic.

This oil and filter change is a FULL SYNTHETIC oil and filter change, as well as a fluid top off, and tire rotation with a digital multi-point inspection good 5,000 miles if none of the above mentioned restrictions apply to your vehicle.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance (15K/30K/60K/90K/105K Miles) - Drop Off

It is important to service your vehicle regularly to keep it running in peak condition, as well as to maintain your factory warranty. Have questions about what services your vehicle may need? Ask our trained service advisors.

Belt Replacement (Timing Belt or Drive Belt Service) - Drop Off

Is your vehicle due to have its timing belt replaced? Come check us out for more detail on that, and we can work you up an estimate for what it will take to get that done! Had a drive belt break and fail, or want to prevent it? Come see us to find out more about what your drive belt does on your vehicle.

Air Conditioning and Heating
1 Service

Air Conditioning/Heating Service

Have an issue with your air conditioning or heating not functioning properly? We can fix it!

Vehicle Inspections - Virginia
1 Service

Virginia State or Emissions Inspection - 2 Hour Window

This service is for a state inspection (the sticker on your windshield) or an emissions inspection (the date on your license plate stickers). Estimated time for completion is between one and two hours.

Bulbs and Lighting
1 Service

Bulb Replacement - 30 Minute Window

This service is for any light bulb replacement (headlights, brake lights, etc.). While you wait services available on most vehicles.

Brakes and Suspension
2 Services

Brake Replacement / Noise

Have brake noise, or require brake replacement? Curious how worn your brakes are? Come by for a FREE consultation to take a look and see what your brakes do, and how to keep them working properly!

Suspension Repair

Is your vehicle clunking or thunking? Does your vehicle just feel like it doesn't drive like it used to? Come see us to find out more about your suspension, the different types, and how to keep your vehicle riding smooth on the road.

Other Services
1 Service

Other - Appointment

Please list as detailed as possible what you are coming in for! Thanks!


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