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Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Some of you are great at doing the work but the IDEAS just aren't there. I can help you with that! After a few coaching sessions you will have the tools to generate your own start-up business ideas!
Many of us harbor that little dream, that little thing that we have always wanted to do. One client wanted to have a float in the Santa Claus parade. All she needed was validation of "WHY NOT?" and motivation in the right direction. She came home second place in the service category. She didn't know they were being judged or that there was a prize. What is your secret dream? What's holding you back? What do you need to go for it? Let's talk.
All of use have habits and routines what we are hell bent to defend to the death rather than change. The problem: those life patterns are expensive! They are holding you back! Let's talk about breaking and replacing those habits with Success driven habits and routines.


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